A typical middle of the week/starting work at 7:15am lazy kind of post with my last 12 days on instagram (and Ellie’s because I fail at taking photos most of the time!)

1. AMAZING Jelly Beans sent from my friends at Bean Cellars I always thought liquorice was my favourite but it has been relegated by Apricot! If you need a sweet treat or gift then support the lovely folk behind this site…it’s brilliant!

2. One Ellie snapped of me chilling at my Grandad’s and looking very pleased with myself for some reason.

3. You are NEVER too old for Disney pajamas.

4. Or owl jumpers. Seriously can’t get over how much I love this! For reference, I got a size 14 and I’m usually a 10 for a slouchy look. Get yours from Asda George.

5. Knitwear! Black two in one jumper from New Look and the red one was a brilliant find in TK Maxx. I love the collar on it and wish I had got the navy version I spied too!

6. Gingerbread fairy wand biscuit in Waitrose whilst waiting to see if the tattooist would show up on Saturday. Snapped by Ellie, sometimes food is meant to be played with!

7. Standard tired face (now you can see why I never take straight on photos!)

arse must be shoved in to gear, breakfast then work beckon!


14 comments for “Instantly

  1. I love that photo of you snapped by Ellie at your Grandad’s – you look so happy 🙂 Interesting flavours of jelly beans from Bean Cellars. That Owl jumper is beautiful. Have a great day – I haven’t been to bed yet here across the pond. (sleepy)

  2. Lovely photos:) I like your owl sweatshirt!

  3. Girrrrl, you really find these Asda bargains! Such a cute jumper.

    The Style Rawr!

  4. Oh for gods sake, yet another jumper you’ve make me want to buy! Asda have some pretty good stuff at the moment!

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  6. Looking beautiful as always my dear & those beans look so good! Oh I haven’t indulged in jelly bean wonders in a very long time . . . hmmm excuse to do so?! Perhaps!

    Happy Hump Day xxx

  7. I love that owl jumper!

  8. great jumper!
    and i think your face looks just fine!

  9. oh it seems like you had lots of fun and this week was AWESOME :)! love these photos :)! xo

  10. Owl jumpperrrr! I commented before on how much i wanted/like it. Multiply those feelings by another one hundred.


  11. Love all of those jumper’s, its really turning into snuggly jumper weather!

  12. And… Now I want jelly beans! Loving your new jumpers.


  13. Oh my are they Disney PJ’s I wouldn’t care I’d wear that as a top with a pair of jeans! Love 101 Dalmatians me. And your jumper and peter pan collars. Lovely. I want.

    Gemma x

  14. That’s a lovely picture of you in the orange top sitting down- you DO look really happy,your hair is looking splendid too! Eurgh, cannot believe you like the liquorice ones best- they are like the worst! 🙂