Dreaming of Dresses with Joules

New season = new dresses, yes? They are my most favourite thing to shop for and one of the things I love most about blogging is that I end up looking in places I wouldn’t otherwise have considered. Take Joules for example- of course I was aware of the brand but I wasn’t convinced I’d ever find anything there for me. I’ve just been taking a look at their latest arrivals though and have found rather a few tunic dresses that I’d like to make my own.
These are just four of the beauties that caught my eye on my last browse. On the far left we have the pink & white Audrey tunic, I’m not usually a fan of tunics but there really is something about this one. Next to Audrey is the Francesca Peplem dress. I’ve fallen head over heels for the bright blue of this dress, as well as it’s gorgeous shape. Next comes Lorelliprint (what a name!) a beautiful linen dress that would be just perfect on warm nights- garden parties/lazy bbqs anyone? Last but by no means least is my personal favourite, the Marcie cotton dress. This is just so me and really high up on my current “what I’d buy if I was rich” list.
Are there any brands or shops you’ve been converted to through blogging? I think caring is sharing, right?
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4 comments for “Dreaming of Dresses with Joules

  1. Loving the Lorelli print dress. It would be idea for weddings too.

    X x

  2. Beautiful! I especially love the blue one<3

  3. If I had put on that Audrey tunic as a young girl I would have worn them all my life …. its lovely!

  4. That floral print Marcie dress caught my eye right away. It’s very pretty. Even though I’ve been fashion blogging almost six years I find myself still looking for brands and outlets that make and carry the styles that fit my taste. I still order from the big department stores but am still looking for the perfect apparel shoppe for me.