Whilst shopping this weekend I found myself browsing in Esprit…a shop that hadn’t even registered on my radar until a few months ago (cheers Becca). It’s now my go-to place for jeans; and given this weekend, quite possibly dresses, and although pricey, if you catch the sales right (this weekend for example, there was a further 20% off sale prices, meaning the dress I bought was only £20) you can get a classically made high quality bargain.

I hadn’t realised until this week that they also did shoes. This could lead to trouble! Their clean cut, simple designs really appeal to me…

I love all things studded and chained. I pretty much view them as a classic and wardrobe essential.

I will ALWAYS find room in my shoe collection for wedge heel desert boots. ALWAYS.

And no-one ever needs a reason to purchase shoes when they fall under the “classic for work” category, right?

And I’ll take this bag while I’m at it…it matches the dress I bought (which will be debuted shortly).

Any other Esprit fans out there?


Photos from Spartoo

14 comments for “Esprit

  1. It’s a shop I’ve never stepped foot into for some reason! Maybe I should! Look forward to seeing your dress 🙂

  2. I’ve similarly never ever shopped there! But you’re starting to sway me with the sandals and wedges..xx

  3. It is not a brand that I would usually consider but I have been seeing some Esprit stuff that I really like lately

  4. I’ve never looked at Espirit before but their shoes are lovely. I can’t wait to see the dress you got. You should definitely buy the bag, even if it doesn’t match your dress. You can never have too many bags:)

  5. They are pretty expensive so I only have a look in their during sale time.

  6. I dont think I’ve ever been there – those work shoes could tempt me though…

  7. The Esprit sales are incredible! Always great for finding staples. I love those desert boots.

  8. Nat

    I love those nude pumps 🙂

    Nat x

  9. Those desert boots are killer. I have a few things from Esprit, but it doesn’t really register on my radar, either. I should probably change that!

  10. those sandals are so awesome!

  11. I’ve always known about Espirit, but never really bought anything from there. Looks like they have some decent pieces.

  12. Espirit is massive in France and Germany, but it’s always been a bit pricey for me in the UK. Love the shoes though, the sandals and the courts in particular.

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