every cloud has a pink lining

Another day and another fantastic discovery through the world of blogging…

Pink lining started off in fashion bags but when the designer had her first child she moved into changing bags. Our changing bags are sold in Harrods, 27 John Lewis retail outlets nationwide, Fenwicks, Bentalls and many independent boutiques around the country.  We also have a presence internationally with stockists such as Harvey Nichols, Riyadh.
Now the designer is launching her debut luggage collection which is available from www.pinklining.co.uk from early June 2012.
Company bio:
Pink Lining London was established in 2001 by husband and wife team; Charlotte and Rufus Pearl. Pink Lining is  the international family lifestyle label, that aims to put the smile and design into practicality by making the usually mundane covetable.
Charlotte’s debut luggage range incorporates all of the functionality required for our busy daily lifestyles, whilst her distinctively designed fabrics immediately identify the brand.

There is no ostentatious label on the outside, in fact, Pink Lining’s label is the signature shocking pink lining.

 Smitten with the quirky prints and reasonable prices (Travel bags are £55, Laptop bag, £65 and Wheelie case £110) I was flattered when Pink Lining offered to send me my very own bag so I could assess the quality and quirkiness for myself,

a few days ago this gorgeous Travel Bag in the sort of girly, but also kind of nautical bow print turned up at my door, perfectly presented in shocking pink tissue paper. As you can see from the above photos, the bag is even more stunning in real life (and more stunning again when you are holding it in your hands). For those that love to travel, I really recommend checking out Pink Lining

Which will your signature print be?


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  1. love it , great ideas!

  2. I love their prints! Makes a nice change from all the normal black and grey travel bags out there on the market.

  3. Love that! I am looking for a travel/gym bag at the moment but they are all so dull. Thanks for the tip =) xx

  4. cat

    That’s so cute! My sig print would be purple (obviously) little springers or stars…
    4 weeks and 4 days #letmehearyousayhellyeah!
    x x x

  5. They look like lovely bags 🙂 I really like the cute bow print!

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  6. such an awesome bag.. especially the print. i definitely could have done with one of these whilst i travelled all the time!x

  7. I really, really love the car print bag!


  8. Both are really cute, but I think the bow bag has the edge for me

  9. I love those bows, so cute!!


  10. I love the patterns! SO cute!


  11. I’ve bought a few of these Pink Lining changing bags previously and have loved using every one. They’re so versatile and have enough space for dummies, nappies and creams.