Fit for a Princess

It’s been a while since I last got all dressed up for a blog post (well, a few weeks) and I had forgotten how much fun it is. Apologies for the odd lighting issues in the photos, Ben has been busy all week and with work I don’t get much chance to make the best of the good lighting each day. Still, hopefully the prettiness of the dress means I’ll be forgiven!
Dress c/o Chi Chi | Shoes: Topshop | Necklace: Daisy London
You can rely on Chi Chi to provide a stunner of a dress, I’ve lost count of how many I’ve featured on the blog over the last year or so but not one of them has let me down or left me feeling anything other than fabulous. This dress is a beauty, so foofy (yes, that is a word) and twirly, a bit like those princess costumes you get in a kid’s playing up box. I’m shortlisting this to wear to a wedding this summer, although perhaps it is more bridesmaid that guest attire, what do you think?
These topshop shoes get yet another airing, they are £12 well spent I can tell you! Normally shoes like this kill my feet for the first few wears but these are just comfort from the word go and I can walk in the heel for hours. The necklace I’m wearing here was a gift for my birthday last year and one of my favourite pieces of jewellery…I’m a sucker for anything with a Daisy on it!
Fellow Chi Chi fans, what are you loving right now? What are your go-to feel good outfits? For me it has to be a stunning dress.


15 comments for “Fit for a Princess

  1. Lucy

    Just gorgeous xxxx

  2. I would love to own this dress, it’s a beauty! X

  3. I love this dress. I do like the Chi Chi dresses but I always feel as though I’m not skinny enough for their demographic.

  4. That Chi-Chi dress is one of the prettiest I’ve seen. Absolutely gorgeous! Pink, lace, tulle, foofy, twirly, girly, swoon! It does look a bit like a ballerina princess dress that would be wonderful worn anywhere. I wish I could find an empire waist short babydoll (22 inch) blouse in that colour, material and style.

  5. You definitely look like a princess, what a beautiful look Laura <3

    Everything about this outfit is perfection, from the tones of your hair against the pink and the gorgeous metallic touch of the shoes, love! I'm so lazy that a throw on dress like my daisy shift from Missguided has to be my go to outfit of choice for the time being that is casual yet feel good xo

    Sophie | soinspo

  6. Yes you could wear it for a wedding byt maybe team with a white jacket or something to detract from its bridesmaidyness!!! Anyhow, you look enchanting in it! X

  7. This is SUCH a beautiful outfit, you DO look like a princess!

    Maria xxx

  8. Eeeekk that dress is beautiful and is pretty much the definition of foofy 🙂 xxx

  9. My favourite dress on you, it is beautiful and you look so stunning. I got a dress from Chi Chi last year and it is definitely one of the few I like the most in my collection.

  10. Jenny

    Wow, that dress is stunning! You look absolutely gorgeous, Laura! x

  11. Amazing dress, I love it! xxx

  12. Kelly

    Oh my gosh this dress is absolutely STUNNING!
    You look so pretty to Laura!
    I really love this <3

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

  13. This dress is beautiful, I need it in my life <3 x

  14. wow Laura you look fab in that dress…its beautiful x

  15. This really is a beaut of a dress! I’m avoiding the Chi Chi website because I now I’ll fall in love with something! x

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life