Top and Faux Fur Vest: New Look
Jeans: Oasis
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell c/o Sarenza
A massive wardrobe clear out last weekend prompted the rediscovery of this faux fur vest and these orange boots. I wonder now why they were hidden away for so long; both are much loved pieces that deserve to be worn far more, especially these boots, they might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I adore them and they are SO comfortable.
I’m not going to lie or sugarcoat anything in this post, I’m struggling a bit in how I look in these jeans now compared to say, August when I was significantly underweight. I’ve worked hard to get to the place I am now and it frustrates me no end that I can’t accept a healthier looking body when all round I feel amazing and I’m so much happier, more confident in myself and finally living life. I hope that my continued blogging will help me accept what I have, I am not going through the hell that is relapse and the inevitable weight gain again. I’m too tired of anorexia, of life being governed by numbers and routine, I am having too much fun to repeat that wretched cycle for the 43827th time.
Anyway, onwards and upwards to brighter things. It’s Monday which means a late start for me (although I’m still wide awake at a stupid hour) and this week brings Pancake day AND Valentines day which although I won’t personally be paying much attention to I know a lot of people are so I hope for those of you who are planning lovely things that it’s a wonderful and happy day.
What are you looking forward to most this week?

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  1. You are looking gorgeous missy!! Sorry you are struggling with it but you look amazing! I hope you can see that soon as you progress on with your recovery. You are fabulous!!!

    This week I am most looking forward to our night away on Saturday night. I really need to get on with booking it but I am really not feeling it at the moment (so unlike me!) I will try sort it tonight. Have a lovely Monday.

    Janine xx
    Bake, Glue and Trend!

  2. Vix

    You look fantastic, those boots rock! x

  3. We’re always our own worst enemies when it comes to how our bodies look. You’re not alone in judging your body. The best advice I’ve heard and I take to heart myself is to be your own best friend or see yourself thourgh your friends’ eyes. You would never think she didn’t look good in her outfit or that sort of harsh thinking. It’s helpful to have friends say ‘no no, you look good’ and believe me when I say it, you do look gorgeous! Try imagining that it’s not you, that it’s someone else you care about and how great they look. At least that works really well for me. Hang in there! xxx

  4. You are amazing inside and out xx
    Love the boots!

    I’m looking forwards to Sunday and the Brighton Half – weird/sadistic … maybe but I do hope the sun shines.

  5. Aaaah those boots, I love older styles of Jeffy Cs. This is probably no help as confidence comes from the inside, but I think you look AMAZING in those jeans.

  6. I thought this vest was from Topshop for a minute because mine is almost identical! Cute.

    The Style Rawr!

  7. You look amazing – because you are amazing! chin up, lovely.

    Interested to hear that those boots are comfortable – I’ve almost ordered them a couple of times, but wasn’t sure about the heel!

  8. I love this outfit and I think you look amazing. I think that changing how you feel about your body will take a long time. In my therapy sessions we always say that things change on a ‘thinking’ level before they can change on a ‘feeling’ level. So, you now think that the weight gain is healthy and you understand that this is what’s best for you, but feeling differently about you body hasn’t entirely happened yet. But the thinking is the first part, and it sounds like you’re working so hard at it, I think the change in your feelings will come. Does that make any sense? Hope it doesn’t come across as patronising.

    p.s. I am awesome at giving advice and absolutely crap at taking it/applying the advice to myself 🙂

    Take care xxx

  9. Love this outfit. I have quite a similar faux fur vest but can never make up my mind what to wear it with. Will definitely be taken inspiration from your outfit

  10. I love your outfit, and Mae of course! I hope you can re-gain the positive mindset, as you’ve made such brilliant progress in the past few months again and look so brilliantly healthy in comparison too. xx

  11. You look fabulous in your jeans! and the boots are adorable! xx

  12. You look AMAZING, you have come so far and you are one of the strongest people that I have been lucky enough to meet. <3

    Maria xxx

  13. You look fabulous, I want those boots! This week I’m am mainly looking forward to more stock arriving for the boutique and the inevitable sorting through pretty dresses and fabrics this entails! I hope you have a fab week xxx

  14. Anonymous

    Oh I wish I looked as gorgeous as you in jeans. You are fantastically slim, and a healthy slim if you see what I mean. I have noticed from your recent blog posts that you are more happy and confident and it is such a contrast from your blog posts when you was obviously unwell and unhappy. Keep up the good work my dear – you are amazing x

  15. I think you look amazing. Just hang on in there and keep fighting x
    I hope you enjoy pancake day this year (since it’s Tuesday by now… *should be in bed*)

    Katie || Oh To Feel Pretty

  16. You are far stronger than you realise – I know you can do it. Accepting a new body image is always going to be a struggle on some days, but never ever forget just how far you’ve come xxx

  17. You will get there! You are determined, strong and you have amazing people around you! Believe in yourself Laura, you have the potential to do anything you want to! Bless you xxx

  18. How lovely you look! I adore the boots! Yes, I know well how hard it is to accept your new body — I worked so hard on it for the last two years and am now the heaviest I have been in ten years AND also I feel the best, too. You look more BEAUTIFUL and STRONG. Keep working because you’re right — it is so tiring to worry all the time about your weight and appearance. Let me know if I can help you in any way!