And once again another set of outfit photos gets partially photo-bombed by Mae, and of course as soon as I try and get a nicer photo of the two of us she gets distracted by a fly/moth/frog and buggers off in to the distance.

Dress: Brat and Suzie Vintage | Shoes: Shelleys Bracelet c/o Accessories Online

Brat and Suzie has long been a favourite brand of mine and has featured often on the blog. The other week I noticed on twitter that they have added a vintage section to the website. Having tweeted them my approval they kindly offered to loan me one of the pieces to style up. I let Brat and Suzie choose what they sent out as I love a surprise. I almost didn’t want to open the fabulous polka dotted package but I’m glad I did because I love this dress, so much so I really didn’t want to send it back. A vintage frock from Next, this claims to be a size 8 but I beg to differ…but still, I really liked how it looked oversized and I swished around feeling very retro chic.
There are so many awesome pieces on the vintage section of the site, and really reasonable prices too. I’ll be browsing regularly to see what new stock they have, and of course checking out the main collections that we all know and love too!
Another favourite of mine is Accessories Online, an online jewellery emporium who I’ve been purchasing from for years. They recently sent me this gorgeous friendship bracelet from the new range of Fossil Jewellery (another brand I hold great affection for) and I thought it was the perfect wrist adornment to wear with this dress, although to be fair I’ve barely taken it off since it arrived so it’s getting teamed with everything ever.
I return to Accessories Online time after time when buying jewellery either for myself or as a gift. I love how fast and free their delivery is, how beautifully packaged it comes and how they have awesome sales and discounts frequently throughout the year. Keep on keeping on guys, you’re doing great!
So it seems we have a post full of my favourites so I think it’s only right you share some favourites with me in the comments; a favourite brand/shop/place/thing, I don’t mind…just share some love!

7 comments for “Fossil

  1. What a sweet bracelet, perfect for stacking! I love B + S. 🙂

  2. Love the print on that dress, it’s so cute <3

  3. I’ve never head of Brat and Suzie before, I’ll have to check them out – I love the name.

    The bracelet is well cute. Woo.

    Corinne x

  4. love this floral print on you!

  5. Love the bagger nature of it, look so sweet and almost 70’s hippy on you!
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  6. Such a cute summer look! Love dresses like that and I love your hair!

    Tatyana x
    Secret little Stars

  7. Wow, I didn’t realise they did vintage – cute pick.