JewelCandle- the perfect gift idea!

I love buying gifts for other people, but I do find myself getting a bit stressed out trying to find the perfect item. For this reason I am forever grateful when people introduce me to new ideas and great products, so when an e-mail popped in from the folks at JewelCandle offering me the chance to test out their idea I was game.

JewelCandle is, as the name would suggest, a candle with a jewel inside. You can choose from either a ring or an earring and each piece is valued at between £10 and £250 (you don’t know until you melt your candle what you got.

I have a lot of friends with their own homes now and I think candles make a lovely gift, especially when there are amazing scents involved. The fact these have a ring embedded inside seals the deal for me, making them the ideal quirky present that isn’t “just a candle”. I chose the Cookies and Cream ring candle for the purpose of my review.

The candle arrived beautifully packaged, which won it some instant brownie points as I’m a sucker for packaging. You get a lot of candle for your money and it smelt every bit as good as I had hoped. You can actually see where your jewel is embedded in to the wax through the side of the jar- it isn’t right at the bottom as I had expected, rather about two inches down meaning you don’t have to wait too long to get your treasure (I think I burnt my candle for around five hours before being able to retrieve my ring).

You can see from the pictures that I got a lovely double heart ring in my little foil package. You can also see my hands are on the larger side and it only fits on my pinky finger which I’m a little disappointed about, but most of my friends have far smaller digits than I do so I wouldn’t let this put me off purchasing for someone else and you can opt for earrings if you were buying for someone and weren’t sure about taking a risk.

My only other gripe, which really is quite minor is that melted wax gets everywhere when unwrapping your jewel, I should have anticipated it really and it’s not a major issue, just something to be aware of!

For the most part I think this is a bloody brilliant idea and really innovative. I will be buying these for people in the future as at £24.99 for a classic candle and lower prices for some of the other styles or with earrings you are getting fabulous value for money. A nice candle and decent ring along would probably cost you more and there is the excitement of getting a big value prize! You can check out the facebook page to learn a bit more and see what people have found in their candles.

If you want to treat yourself or stock up on gifts for people JewelCandle are offering readers of my blog a generous 20% off your order until August 31st with the code daisy20. With a huge range of scents to choose from I’m really tempted to get another for myself, I’m thinking pink cherry next!


4 comments for “JewelCandle- the perfect gift idea!

  1. I’ve read a lot about this brand, such a fab idea. As you say, a candle and item of jewellery would cost a lot more separately. Adore their choice of glass jars too, very elegant. Lucy xx

  2. I heard about these a while a go and I was very intrigued I must say.
    I love the idea and that you get to keep the jar too – I’m all about re-using 🙂

    Gems x

  3. Isabel O'Brien

    I have massive fingers so I probably wouldn’t be able to wear anything from them, but it’s lovely idea. I wish I had dainty fingers! 🙁

  4. This is such a unique gift idea, so inventive! xx