Giles Deacon for New Look; my top picks

Hi guys,
as promised here is a preview of the next Giles Deacon for New Look installment. It arrives in store on Monday, and these are my top picks.








There will also be several more gorgeous pieces, I just didn’t want to spoil the suprise 😉

I’m probably going to have to limit myself to one, if any of the pieces due to being broke,
which one would you pick?

With thanks to Helen at New Look for the pics

43 comments for “Giles Deacon for New Look; my top picks

  1. The second dress is my favourite – the detailed puffy shoulders are stellar

  2. I knew I would love this when you mentioned it in your last post. My favorites are the dress (#2) and the shoes (#1 and #3, especially #3). You all are so lucky to have a great designer collaboration like this.


  3. id go for shoes #1 and the pink tulip skirt. arrrgghh…gorgeous! 🙂

  4. love the skirt…so 80’s!

  5. aww nice items ! love love them . i will kill someone to get those shoes . haha . have a nice day !

  6. you know what I did then, I was scrolling and I went
    oooh the first dress
    oooh noo the second dresss is nice too
    haha 🙂

  7. That first top is to die for, I neeeed it!

  8. second dress and those wonderful black shoes with purple sequins. i was dreaming about shoes JUST LIKE THAT and now here they are.
    thanks =P

  9. a.

    no°1 & no°2 look really pretty.

  10. Anonymous


  11. Woah. Love these. Definitely go with the top one.

  12. MJ

    Awesome! You really are a crazy New Look fangirl, tehehe. I think I’d have to go for the sequin dress…

  13. Oh, wow! I want that last item sooooo bad! 🙂

  14. soooo basically, i need all of these. great.

  15. omgggggggg i love those pieces, the shoulders are so 80s!!!! i can’t wait to see it online hopefully!!!

    ALSO, hope you enjoy the award i left you on my blog!!! you’ve probably already seen it!

  16. omgggggggg i love those pieces, the shoulders are so 80s!!!! i can’t wait to see it online hopefully!!!

    ALSO, hope you enjoy the award i left you on my blog!!! you’ve probably already seen it!

  17. these pieces are amazing!

  18. I really love the look of the shoes with the purple 🙂

  19. You would be SMASHING in that sleeveless sheath 🙂

  20. Sooo the second dress!! Its stunning and smart and versatile think it would be a good investment!

  21. I love the shoulders on the top and first dress. I’m so into structured and embellished shoulders… might have to take a trip to New Look on Monday!

  22. I want all the shoes!!!
    Has this collection actually come out yet?? I want to buy it all!
    I love the shoulder pads that are in atm, my shoulders are already pretty broad but i still love the look 🙂 xox

  23. ah the shoesss! i need some new heels (:

    bisous, xx

  24. the dresses are divine!! but my heart’s been stolen by the third one.. sequins make me go weak in the knees these days.. 🙂


  25. these are absolutely amazing. Definitely would go for the second one though!

  26. oh mannnnnnn i can’t choose! they’re all so awesome!

  27. Anonymous

    Oooo, the 2nd dress, by far.-Feather

  28. wow great collection, I want all of them, they have amazin details 🙂

  29. Loving the pieces! sequin-tastic!!
    Id pic the printed tulip skirt at the end.. great post 🙂
    did you have a good halloween? xx

  30. I love the second dress! Gorgeous! XOXO

  31. The second dress is my favorite! love the sleeves of it.

  32. That dress and those studded heels… wow.
    Thanks for sharing these images!

  33. wow I love the stockings in the first two pictures & that sparkly dress – too cute.

  34. Oooh thanks for sharing, I knew that this collaboration was coming up but I didnt know when.
    I would have to pick the 2nd dress down if I had to pick one but its a toughie because all of those shoes are gorgeous!
    Awesome post

  35. The shoes with purple are a must!

  36. i got sent the same email and i did a post on it too!
    love giles decon for new look collections!

  37. The black top is what i liked much.

    Lingerie forum

  38. if the 2nd and 3rd dresses and the last skirt weren’t made for a woman’s body, I don’t know what is…all of these pieces are beautiful and would be flattering for any body type! lovely!

    sincerely, M

  39. Très chic tout ça on apprécie et moi surtout la seconde robe elle est fantastique.