Golden Oldie

Dress; Vintage via ebay, Shoes; Georgia Rose c/o Sarenza.

Yesterday was supposed to be the hottest day of the year, well, the West Country didn’t get the memo as such…it was warm, but not hot by any means!
So far this has been the perfect chilled out weekend, spent with Best.Friend. yesterday indulging in some window retail therapy, and today I get to see other Best.Friend. Ellie for our new tradition “Scratch Card Sunday”. Our aim is to buy a £1 scratch card each week and pool any winnings towards next year’s trip to Spain…we started last week and already have £5 which will buy us Sardines on the beach!

I don’t want to go in to detail, but thank you to those of you on twitter and facebook for the recent messages of love and support.

Life is too short. Get out there and live. I certainly intend to.


30 comments for “Golden Oldie

  1. i love that your cat is totally photo bombing! lovely dress x

  2. That dress looks great. And life IS for living (even if it’s taken me a while to realise!)

    Take care


  3. That dress is so gorgeous on you!
    I like the scratch card idea too – its a fun way to try and save a lil 🙂

  4. Never a truer word was said.

    Loving the dress, you look stunning. Good luck with your holiday savings.

    X x

  5. Love Mae photobombing. Looove this dress

  6. I love this dress is gorgeous and perfect for summer! You look beautiful in it too! Have a great weekend and I hope you have a sunny Sunday! XxxX

  7. That dress is gorgeous, I love the cut! I hope all is ok.

  8. I know, the westcountry is not getting the heatwave, unfair! 🙂

    You look lovely as always, and so tall!

    Karys x

  9. kitty cat! looking lovely, missy 🙂 xx

  10. Vix

    Life is too short! Spot on there.
    Love that dress, you look beautiful in it. We had rubbish weather here yesterday (and today) too! I think the weather people think London is the entire UK x

  11. Love the vintage dress, and good on Mae for a bit of a photo bombing 😉 x

  12. J.

    Amazing dress!

  13. Love the print on your dress xx

  14. beautiful dress, beautiful shoes, beautiful girl, beautiful attitude xxxx
    XO Amie

  15. Pretty dress. Your cat is so cute! x

  16. Good girl xx (& I am not being patronising … we cannot control what happens around us but we certainly CAN control how we react, you take control of what you can 🙂

  17. Whatever it is that has made you sad, I hope you’re feeling better now.
    Scratch card Sunday is an amazing idea, might steal it!

  18. This dress is beautiful!
    Life is too short, very well said.

  19. i love your philosophy!!people should go and live there life!! life is about expeirences!!!

  20. Wow love this vintage dress…so cute. Hope you enjoyed the warm day (finally!)
    Loving the blog and now following

    Laura x

  21. Rach

    Glad to see you looking healthy again Laura your vintage dress is very cute!

    Rach xx

  22. Just a gorgeous dress!

  23. You look amazing and you are so strong, I am always in awe! Good luck with saving towards Spain!

    Maria xxx

  24. WOW you look amazing. this is defs my fav out of your, stunning <3

    claire x

  25. Sending you a big hug beautiful lady! Love the dress and kitty. AND OH THE SHOES XX

  26. This dress is so gorgeous on you missy! Love that your cat has sneaked in on the action. Jojo xx

  27. Now that is a perfect summer dress!

    Hope you are well! Good luck with everything, darling;)

  28. Such a beautiful dress xxx