Weekend casual style!

It’s been a rollercoaster of a week here, and for the nation in general so it would seem. Here’s a little run down of what has rocked, and what has frankly, been shit.

On the Hit List

– Having Flash home. Yep, still banging on about that. I’ve never been quite so thankful to wake up in the early hours to a slightly smelly, cuddle demanding ball of fur.

Making progress.

– Down time. I’ve had slightly less office hours at work this week and I’ve quite enjoyed having some quiet afternoons. This novelty will soon wear off, I’m sure…but whatever!

– Not wasting money! I’ve made no impulse buys this week (yes, really) and the feeling is great!

This stuff! Cloudy Lemonade chocolate might sound vile, but tasting is believing! The popping candy adds an extra special touch! Grab some whilst you can!

The Shit List

– Probably top of everyone’s shit list this week would be the riots. I just fail to understand how such senseless violence can be the solution to anything. It saddens me greatly.

The weather. Because I am British and I WILL complain about the weather at any given chance. I feel cheated out of a summer, big time.

– Wardrobe frustration. All of a sudden nothing fits, or looks right or is just too damn boring. I need to win big, scrap the lot and start over.

– Being anti-social. I’ve missed out on several chances to meet up with people this week, partly for good reason and partly because I am lame. Operation social life GO GO GO.

Ah well, a new week beckons and it’s time to start fresh. Have a fabulous Sunday folk; feel free to share what’s rocking your world/making you rage this week.


35 comments for “hit/shit

  1. I wish you didn’t have to have a shit list πŸ™ The weather is well and truly sucky isn’t it! So unfair! I’d love to win the lottery and start my wardrobe all over again! Just walk into Selfridges and say ‘dress me!’
    I hope next week is full of ‘hits’ for you πŸ™‚ x

  2. There’s lovely things on the hit list πŸ™‚

  3. I always think that the shit bits makes the good bits better.

    The riots saddened me but I felt pride in the #riotwombles and the gentlemen that patrolled their streets (peacefully) keeping them safe. And HUGE respect to the parents marching their offspring to local police stations to face the music.

    When all is said and done this demonstrates to me that all in all we’re a great nation but sadly all we ever hear about is the shit stuff. All the bad stuff that happens is due to a small percentage of our population.

    Here’s to a fresh new week x

  4. Ive been down in the dumps this weeks so I totally agree with the new week being a fresh start.

  5. You look great; a gorgeous casual outfit. <3

    My biggest frustration also is the so-called summer, we have absolutely none!
    And I noticed the riots in UK with anxiety, too :-(.

    My highlight of the week was yesterday in our city; an exhibition of 125 years anniversary of the automobile and purchasing the lovely eyeshadow palette lavender dreams from Dr. Hauschka cosmetics. <3 <3 <3 <3

    Wish you a great and happy Sunday.
    Greetings to Flash, too! <3


  6. Cute floral dress!:]

    Yay for the hit list and hang in there for the shit list.

    I’m praying everything will be okay there in London.

    Please follow my blog if you haven’t yet and if you can my twitter too! (Viva_La_Breee)

    xoxo, Bree


  7. If I was to make a shit list, it would be practically identical to yours πŸ™

    On another note, love the outfit – was that your winning Matalan one?


  8. I guess we couldn’t identify the good times if we didn’t have the bad times. Dark week for the UK but hopefully we had learn how to deal with this and move forward.
    My social life consists of logging on to twitter!

  9. completely loving that dress – so cute πŸ™‚
    & the riots this week really have bene terrrible – I just don’t understand some people!! x

  10. I should make these kinds of hit/shit lists for myself too, makes you enjoy the little things in life, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

  11. Good – kitten sitting for the weekend

    Bad – being left with no cat food for them and a really dirty house that I’ve had to clean before I feel happy living in it for a few days πŸ™

  12. Love the outfit! And that chocolate sounds amazing! xx

  13. Yesterday I made plans to hang out with coworkers on Monday and today I woke up and tried to talk myself out of it. I’m lame too.

  14. HIT: revamping my space at home so I have a kind of living room of my own into which I can retreat.

    SHIT: decisions. Work, studying, jobs, clothes, food, everything. I haven’t been able to make decisions.

  15. Here’s to a brand new week! x

  16. Hope things get better this week for you, I am dreading this week as I have 40hrs of training BUT I am going on holiday at the end of the week, you win some… πŸ˜›

    Maria xxx

  17. The weather has been a bit off this week but it’s currently boiling. Hoping it stays rain free for the new few days!

  18. Vix

    Great dress, fab tights!

    HIT: Finally getting some help with my increasingly confused Dad.
    Sons Of Anarchy
    A bumper crop of blackberries

    SHIT: Riots

  19. Nice hit list and outfit! perfect for weekends!

    Regarding the shit list I wish it didn’t happen, especially the riots part. I just feel it is absolutely ridiculous.

  20. Hit: friends’ wedding yesterday
    Shit: yep, the riots
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  21. Uh I totally agree, soo disappointed with the weather lately :/
    Loving your dress btw, hope your summer’s going well anywhoo! x

  22. I love your tights, as always you have the ability to rock them. I’m sure some wardrobe inspiration is on it’s way to you xxx

  23. MJ

    Nice dress! The riots are pretty high on my shit list too!

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  25. those tights are a pretty colour!

  26. love your tights! so cute.

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    at: http://www.abutterflybyday.com

    hope to hear from you soon!
    xx, camilla and valerie

  27. I agree completely about the riots, stupid people getting involved for a laugh, it seemed to be everywhere in the UK this week. And though it seems like an odd combination I am going to hunt down this cloudy lemonade chocolate, one way or another! Hope you’re well lovely and I love the photo too. xxx

  28. Pretty outfit, I really like the blue tights !

  29. Totally missed the riots – I was away, and hearing french news on the radio 3 days into the stupidity shocked me so much I actually pretended to be french the rest of the time. arrghhhhh
    Anyway… WHEN did you have your hair cut?!? missed that! (it is very lovely )
    And english weather is so unbelievably poo that it makes it even crapper to be back waaaaahhhh

  30. I think this naff weather has made most people pretty glum :o(
    On the plus side your outfit looks fab! Brilliant colours.

  31. the riots are so awful πŸ™ Been thinking about you across the pond…

  32. Love the outfit. It’s really cute!
    Love the blog and I’m hearing you on Operation Social Life!!!

  33. I always love the outfits you put together, they’re always colourful and lovely! I’m also very intrigued by the cloudy lemonade chocolate! xx

  34. AGREED! The riots – what on earth…?!

    And yes, I am constantly in the midst of wardrobe hatred!!