Not so Ugly Betty

Another new to me shoe brand from Spartoo, Betty London seems to have an edge on masculine/feminine shoes and I LOVE it!

1. Greva, £58. Practically perfect. I’m thinking floral dresses, pastel tights and midi skirts. Not my usual style shoe, but I am smitten.

2. Moulouk in Blue, £58 because my obsession with brogue style shoes knows no bounds. The blue colour and fringe detail means I can totally justify owning a pair of these because they are like nothing I already own!

3. Sibel in Beige, £75…again with the florals and maybe some denim? I’m not usually drawn to pale shoes because they show up the dirt so easily but with a bit of weatherproof spray and I’m sure they’d survive my less than tidy walking ways (else, I’ll just never walk anywhere!)

4. Vatchi in Brown, £75. Stompy, clompy “I mean business” boots. I really don’t need to elaborate further, do I?

Have you heard of Betty London before?
I’ll be keeping a closer eye in future. My shoe obsession is really getting out of control…but shoes. Oh shoes, they always fit and never let you down.


24 comments for “Not so Ugly Betty

  1. I’ve never heard of this line before, but I like it. The first pair would be my fave. 🙂

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. They are gorgeous, love the seocnd pair!
    Claudia xxx

  3. Looks like such a cool brand. I love those last boots!

  4. I am loving the first two pairs. A lot. x

  5. I love the third pair, shame they’re all out of my price range!!!

    Julia @ Retro Jules

  6. These shoes are amazing!!
    The last pair is my favorite.

  7. I like the Sibel pair! Looks comfy and still has a heel 🙂

  8. Never heard of them before. I’ll have all of them please.

  9. Very lovely shoes…. But must resist!

    X x

  10. Oh, these are all really nice !!

  11. Never heard about that brand before, but No.3 looks great – I’m in love!
    Have a nice afternoon,

  12. LOve the 3rd pair xx

  13. Anonymous

    What an insight review, I love your article.

    Zojirushi Bread Machine

  14. Loving this – thanks for introducing me to such a great line!
    I love the justification process of the fringed pair – totally applying that to my logic next time I hit the town 😉

  15. Thanks for the comment! I adore the first and second pairs, gorgeous x

  16. The last pair are sensational. The first ones are really pretty too but personally I’d struggle to actually wear them with anything – not a fan of shoes/boots that height with dresses.

  17. I love the last pair of boots. p.s. good to hear Flash is back!

    Bhav x

  18. I haven’t heard of them but the blue pair are lovely. Because I totally needed a new shoe obsession… x

  19. I want them all! But I think the third pair down are my faves. I’m now also smitten!

  20. I do not want these shoes, I do not want these shoes, I do not want these shoes, I do no….. Oh God I want those Vatchi boots.