Every woman needs a dress in her wardrobe that makes them feel amazing and after years of searching I think I might have found mine. Sorry for the not so brilliant photos, it was another tripod job, snatched between downpours…after months and months of decent weather and therefore light I had forgotten how dark Autumn can get!
Now, this dress c/o Hyrbid and e-tail PR Hybrid it’s about as far from my usual style as you can get. I fell in love with it on the website and just knew, from having seen it on other bloggers that somehow it would be flattering. As always with a bodycon fit I opted for a size up, I’m a fan of breathing and also just feel more comfortable and confident in something that isn’t squishing my rib cage and highlighting every lump and bump.

This dress is the “Daria” style on the website and actual perfection. I love the autumnal colours and although not an exact match I think it went nicely with my velvet boots from Bertie! I’m having a moment with berry tones at the moment and be it lipstick or clothing I’m sporting them in some form every day.

Hybrid is a brand I’ve not really become familiar with up until now, but based on the quality and fit of this dress I will be saving my hard earned pennies for some more dresses from them; they don’t run cheap but this is a classic that will last a life time…not to mention it’s body con that actually gives me body confidence, that in itself is priceless!

What makes you feel most confident when it comes to clothing?


7 comments for “Hybrid

  1. Oh gosh, I could never feel confident in something bodycon.

  2. I love the (is that radiant orchid?) colour that’s featured prominently in the lower portion of your pretty Hybrid Daria colour blocked bodycon dress. It looks lovely.

  3. This dress looks incredible on you. I love the shape on you and love the structure the colour brings. You totally rock this lady. xx

  4. This is such a gorgeous dress, one for my work wardrobe I think!

    Maria xxx

  5. That is a really amazing dress- so unusual! I think it looks great on you!!x

  6. I really love the style and the colours of the dress, it looks great on you! I think a piece of clothing that fits really well always makes me feel more confident.

  7. Love those boots x