I Love: mini boxes of love

Is there ever a good time to start thinking about Christmas gifts? Probably not, it doesn’t feel right until the 1st December hits and by then the shops are packed and I generally lose the will. I’ve actually started picking up bits and pieces for people as I seem them (because sod’s law dictates they will otherwise sell out) and as such I’ve also started to think about festive content for the blog- click away now if you’re still in denial that it’s rapidly approaching!
I was recently sent the perfect little stocking filler from I Love… and couldn’t resist giving it a quick review and feature even though we’re still (just about) in October…
Honestly, how cute are these? In the box you get a bubble bath/shower cream and a moisturising lotion PLUS a shower puff for £5- hello bargain! (They are also currently only £3.50 in Superdrug). I was sent the Mango and Papaya set and it smells literally good enough to eat, so fruity and fresh! You’ll find a scent to suit everyone though, from the delicious sounding Strawberries and Cream to a taste of the exotic with the Tutti Frutti set.

I know so many people who would really appreciate these, and I’m not usually one to be taken with toiletries as a gift- I certainly wouldn’t mind been given one of these over the festive period, what a perfect way to perk up the cold dark days?

These mini box of love is available from Primark and selected Superdrug stores as well as online at Superdrug…I suggest stocking up before they sell out (and if Santa asks, Coconut and Cream is high on my Christmas list right now!)

Would you mind getting a set like this? What (or who!) would you like to see in your stocking when December 25th rolls around?


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  1. This is so cute! I’d definitely love to try one of these.