In The Sack

As you (UK’ers at least) probably know, this Friday, 18th March is Comic Relief!

Cafe Direct are aiming to raise tens of thousands of pounds for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day 2011 by inviting people to get involved in the various sack racing events, complete with village fête-style stalls and entertainment they’ll be hosting across the UK. Also they’ll be providing free ‘jump in the sack’ kits so the public can get together with friends, family and neighbours to host their own fun-fuelled sack races.

As well as jumping in the sack, individuals can donate to Comic Relief by purchasing their limited edition pack of Cafédirect tea and roast & ground coffee, 10p from every sale will go to Comic Relief. Also they can join in the conversation on Twitter #jumpinthesack and Facebook.

I was invited a few weeks ago to join in the Bristol sack race event, but sadly couldn’t attend. However, I was rewarded with my very own jump in the sack kit. If I were more organised I would have arranged an event of my own, but I’m not, and it’s proved too short notice to get anything together at work,
however, I do intend to raise funds somehow, perhaps I’ll turn one of the sacks in to a dress and wear that to work on Friday! Does anyone have any ideas? I like the idea of a mini bake sale, but that entirely depends on if I get time to bake!

If you are planning an event and would like a kit you can e-mail with your details including your address and remember to say what you’re planning on using the kits for…

(The kits are free and contain 5 sacks, posters, tea and a guide to organising the perfect event!)

what are you planning for Comic Relief? Have you been along to one of the Sack Race events? Here’s a link to one of the races so you can witness the fun for yourselves! *click*


10 comments for “In The Sack

  1. this looks like so much fun!

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  2. i can’t say i’d heard about hte sack races, but i am participating in a night time walk, organised by the guides, in order to do my bit to fundraise..

  3. Wow the sack races sound like so much fun! I think at work we’ll have a non uniform day, uniform consisting of a suit every day exciting! NOT! xoxo

  4. Sounds like such fun. I hadn’t heard about this at all. Off to google and see if there is anything going on in my neck of the woods. x

  5. Random question…would you review my upcoming book?

  6. Comic Relief always looks like such good craic!

  7. so excited for comic relief.

  8. you would still look fabulous wearing a sack. Maybe you should style it up with some of your fab tights and accessories?! Not heard of these sack races. Oh, thinking about sack reces brings back primary school sports day memories, cringe!