Insantly October

That dreaded monthly post again…
Chocolate Chip Spiced Pumpkin Muffins (recipe)

Getting ready to polish up my fixed wheel bike of dreams.

Getting involved with Asos Insider.

Apparently this is what Ben and I look like.

Cat goodies from Mum 3>

Back when the weather was nice enough to have a picnic in the park.

Love for Tartan.

Looked pretty, tasted vile. Dissolving pain killers were a no-go.

After the “big storm”. It wasn’t so big for us!

Tobias watching birds on TV.

Home made garibaldi biscuits.

Mae deciding a bag for life made an excellent bed.

Tobias once again posing for the camera.

Retro snacking!.

Mae’s idea of a pose.

Get well chocolate from Ben.

Most apt card ever. 

Casual layering up for the weekend.

Flowers on a Friday.

Guardian of the post.

Best thing about Halloween season!

Getting dressed up for no reason at all 3>

Cat PJs!

Tesco’s finest.

Have a good weekend!

15 comments for “Insantly October

  1. Ah, so many lovely photos. Love the cat goodies and dressing up for no reason…we like to dress up for a formal dinner at ours every once in a while for no reason at all! Why not? Hope November treats you well xx

  2. Nice photos and I love your tartan girl

  3. Just seen the pumpkin spiced cake recipe- all over that since I’ve just acquired a HUGFE pumpkin from my grandmother’s alottment! YUMMY! Loving the overall cat theme of OCtober, and I am beyond excited to see how your Fixie finishes up.

  4. LOVE your tartan dress, so perfect. Those pumpkin spiced muffins look so good.. might have to try that recipe 😉

    Sophie xox soinspo ❤

  5. What a lovely collection of photos. I can’t explain how perfect your tartan dress is. The colours are gorgeous together.

  6. Anonymous

    Whereare the cat PJs from? I need them in my life!!!

  7. Pumpkin spiced muffins nom nom nom I also adore your crazy cat lady card. i Hope November is good to you X

  8. This is such a perfect round up of October, it looks like you had such a good time 🙂

    Maria xxx

  9. I have a new love for Tartan too, so pretty!

  10. Loving your instagrams. The Garabaldi biscuits look yummy!

  11. I love this post 🙂 We have that exact cock soap hung on the notice board, somehow fell in the trolley. Your cats are beautiful xxxx

  12. AHhgeh, I LOVED tangy toms as a teen!! WHERE did you get them!?x

  13. So many lovely photos! I used to love Tangy Toms, yum!! I think you can get them in the 99p store here, a big multipack 🙂 I love all your cat related items! The green tartan dress you’re wearing is gorgeous 🙂 love that you’re apparently the couple from Monsters University haha! xxx

  14. I love Tangy Toms so much! Craving some now!! x