Instantly (the end of) September

Snapshots of September, told through my iPod (no iPhone or iPad for me!)

1. Experiments in natural hair drying; wonder product; Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray (buying stocks in this, ultimate product for low maintenance hair!)

2. JPG diet coke and a milkyway, best kind of post work recovery.

3. Shoe + bag loving cat. Taught well by her owner.

4. Bargain Essie nail treatment, Ā£3 (two for Ā£5) in the original factory outlet store. Score.

5. Random outfit from sometime ago. ASOS print dress.

6. Desecrated carrier bag; she might look cute, but that Mae is a monster!

7. BANANA jumper. Wearing this makes me happy!

8. Yet another jumper! ASOS this time. I am declaring this the winter of quirky jumpers…so many good ‘uns about.

9. New favourite snack. Oh Chobani.

10. Penguin slippers! These were from NEXT last year but they have some snazzy ones this year too šŸ™‚

11. Pants for a good cause! From Asda George.

12. Looking cute (ish)

13. Owl gloves, Ā£2 Primark. Just had to be done!

14. Mini Primak haul; toiletry bag for upcoming trip to Holland, another jumper and those owl gloves!

that may go down as the most boring post in history but it’s Sunday and I’m all out of inspiration..literally.

I hope next week sees me more rejuvinated and creative. This blog is so mediocre at times.

14 comments for “Instantly (the end of) September

  1. I enjoyed the post šŸ™‚ always love seeing pictures of Mae! xo

  2. Oh la la, I like that jumper! I like these kinda posts, easy ready for a Sunday morning šŸ™‚

  3. Those penguin slippers are amazing! Wish I spotted some here too. And your gloves are pretty sweet as well;)

  4. It is NOT mediocre missy! Love the banana jumper.


  5. Happy Sunday to you anyway šŸ™‚ xx

  6. Your hair in the first photo looks pretty – the L’Oreal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray is an interesting product. Seeing how painfully thin you look in that lovely ASOS print dress, I’m hoping you discover something more nutritious than diet coke and a MilkyWay candybar for your post work recoveries (like I should talk – my diet needs adjustment). The Qcumber banana jumper, the penguin slippers, the PinkPants from Asda George, and the Primark Owl Gloves are all super-cute as is Mae (the occasional tiger in a carrier bag). I also like the look of the Boux Avenue lingerie in their Curves Collection ad on the right side of the page.
    Have a wonderful time on your upcoming trip to Holland! I’ve always wanted to visit there but never have. I’ll look forward reading any post about your trip if you do one. Best wishes with your work, blogging and especially your heath. xoxox

  7. Lovely photos- I adore these types of posts šŸ™‚ xxx

  8. I didn’t want September to end!!! I want your banana jumper and cat jumper. They are totally amazing. Also thanks so much for your email. It really means a lot to me to have your support.

  9. I love your banana jumper!

  10. Love the shot of your naturally dried hair. Looks gorgeous all wavy. xx

  11. I was going to ask which salt spray you used! Do you spray it onto wet hair then let it dry or spray onto your naturally dried hair? (details, details..)

  12. Love the pants, anything with Spongebob one is adorable. And yes, JUMPER TWINS! xxx

  13. I so want that banana jumper, it reminds me of Gwen Stefani. You my dearest are not mediocre in the slightest xxx

  14. Aww such fun photos!