Jessie J in Bebaroque

I usually avoid Celebrity style posts, but these photos of Jessie J wearing Bebaroque’s roxy tassle tights in Q magazine’s 25th anniversary issue just had to be shared!

I have so much LOVE for Bebaroque tights and one day I might actually own a pair (you know, as if I don’t have enough tights!) I don’t think I could pull off the crazy fringing quite as well as Jessie though.

Available at mytights and ifyouplease if you could own one pair, which would it be? My eye is on the Dolly tights!


23 comments for “Jessie J in Bebaroque

  1. I can see you wearing these tassle tights with some like tailored shorts and a button down or something!

  2. really nice post!

  3. Oooh pretty, have to say I’m rather in love with their Sadie tights. But I just get too chilly to wear tights most of the year ='(

  4. Oh, you can never have too many tights! Slightly out of my price range though unfortunately!

  5. Omg those are some sexy tights! I love it! I wish I could pull them off, but I would probably just end up looking ridiculous in them. Hehe.

  6. Ooh, pretty! I love anything burlesque<3

  7. Love Jessie J! She looks great!

  8. They are supper sexy but I don’t think I would quite get away with them for work!

    X x

  9. You can definitely never have too many tights!

  10. WantwantWANT. I wish I could justify spending that much on tights… I’m still bemoaning Primark’s going up from £1.50 to £2 though!


  11. wow there awesome, well Jessie J is pretty amazing anywaysss… Haaa

  12. Lil

    I love Jessie J’s style. I’d pick the tattooed lady leggings. Gorge! x

  13. She’s so stunning! She really has a unique style and I don’t think it’s all courtesy of her stylist either.

  14. Ooh I love those tights, they look amazing! I would love to have lots of pairs of fancy tights but I’m so bad at getting ladders in my tights, it would cost me a fortune!

  15. Oh my, these are ah-mazing! Lots of love for Jessie J xx

  16. I literally LOVE Jessie J! Yay! Glad you posted about her. Can totally see you in some of these tights with your many dresses! 🙂

  17. hi honey! how have you been?

    loving the tights.. incredible! i totally think you could pull off the crazy fringe!

  18. Love these photos of Jessie J, and the tights are amazing!

  19. you could so pull them off Laura!! 🙂

  20. oh i love jessie j and bebaroque. two of my favourite things together at last. xx