Lady Umbrella Love

It has been a while since I gave the masters of quirky tees, Lady Umbrella a mention on the blog (shame on me). They’ve just come out with some brilliant new offerings, including peter pan collars; my weakness!

The other new offering from the lovely people behind the tees is that prices have been reduced! T-shirts now range from 20euro (£17.35/ $27.10) to 25euro (£21.70/ $33.90) and shipping is still free worldwide!

All t-shirts are 100% combed cotton except for Peter Pan Black which is 50% Combed Cotton and 50% Modal cotton. Personally I’m coveting Lady Umbrella meets Peter Pan (£21.70)  and the rather awesome tote bag (£10.58)

I know a few of my readers own some Lady Umbrella pieces, so I’d love to hear your feedback!


P.S. no bribery was used for me to write this post. I just think they are awesome people who make awesome things. Follow them on twitter for a coffee fuelled giggle.

13 comments for “Lady Umbrella Love

  1. Isn’t the new collection awesome?! I’ve just ordered the white peter pan collared tee! Can’t wait for it to arrive. Love my Lady Mona Umbrella vest top too, an absolute fave of mine!

  2. They’re really nice, and at such a good price too! xx

  3. I adore Peter Pan collars! I love the top with the collar, so pretty!

  4. they look really cute and for a decent price, love the pink top with the oversized neck x

  5. Love these!! Thanks for sharing xx

  6. They’re really nice designs, that first one is my favourite! x

  7. thanks for your comment 🙂

    the last top with the peter pan collar is so cute ox

  8. Oh I love the peter pan collared t-shirt! Really pretty- love how how the fabric features a really pretty print.

  9. The bag is so, so cute!

  10. Oh peter pan collars are my weakness too! Unfortunately my bigger weakness is lack of disposable income right now, lol

    Bright Green Laces

  11. I love that peter pan collar top! So cute 🙂

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  12. I love peter pan collars too!

    XoXo, Bree
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