Last Minute Swimwear Wish-list

For someone who up until last year only ever owned one bikini I’ve really got in to swimwear. Last year I think I took three sets away with me…this year I’m using the excuse of being away for twice as long for taking seven (maybe eight)
You’d think I’d be sick of browsing, but no. I’ve compiled a little wish-list from Camille Lingerie (because my blog isn’t just one giant wish-list right now)
Although I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the models poses on the website I’m really taken with all the above pieces especially because a lot of the briefs are higher cut. As a tall girl I find it near impossible to find a bikini bottom that leaves my modesty intact; I know low rise is a trend of sorts but there is such a thing as TOO LOW!
I’m really crushing on the floral bikini in the bottom right of the collage. Costing £9.99 for the top and £7.99 for the bottoms it has competitive prices as well as covering up my bits and pieces. If only I had found it with longer than six days to go!
Where have you bought your swimwear this year?
Do you have any tips for choosing the right type for your height and build? I guess tankinis are a tall girl’s best friend and some of the fabulous 50’s style high waisted sets that are fairly prominent on the market this year.

4 comments for “Last Minute Swimwear Wish-list

  1. Love all the polka dots!

  2. These are really cute and not too revealing! I’m not going on a beach holiday but I am going on a spa night with my friends and had loads of trouble finding an appropriate swimming costume! I wanted to be able to actually swim in it

  3. I love the red set! I am afraid of bikinis. I wear swimming costumes, ha.

    Corinne x

  4. I love the look of the floral set but agree with you completely on the style and tailoring I prefer. I love the 50s high-waisted sets and the tankinis as well. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I’ve seen them and which side of the pond they were from. Maybe it was on Couture Carrie’s blog “Bikinis and Martinis”? Best of luck with your swimsuit shopping. If I buy a new swimsuit I’ll let you know. on an unrelated note I did buy a pretty daisy print poncho that I haven’t photographed yet.