sailing on by

Dress: Jolie Moi
Wedges c/o Sarenza
This would have been a very apt outfit for the weekend at the Harbour Festival had the weather been better. It was a bit of a washout (understatement) on the Saturday, from the second we got off the bus at 3pm right through until we finally admitted defeat around 9pm it poured. It was a shame, really as a lot of the stages and displays were closed due to the weather but we found shelter in a coffee shop and later a bar where we watched some live music so all was not lost. By Sunday the sun was pretty much out again so we ventured back (we being the boy and I) and met up with some of my friends for a better taster of what was on offer. It’s years since I had been and next year fingers crossed there will be yet more to see. God bless Bristol, they do like a good event.
I wore this outfit during the heatwave and pretty much melted. The shoes are by Clarks and came via Sarenza. I’ve said it before but I am so impressed by Clarks right now and these are comfortable as well as stylish.
There may be an influx of blog posts this week as I try and clear a little backlog before I head to Spain (7 days!) as I plan to take a little break whilst on holiday, including scheduled posts. A two week break should hopefully do wonders for my mind and body- and blogging inspiration.
Any other Bristol bloggers brave the elements at the weekend? What did you think?

12 comments for “sailing on by

  1. such a pretty dress, I love the colour x

  2. Your dress is an absolute dream 🙂 I love it, you look lovely!!
    Andrea xxx

  3. We had rain here as well, crazy heavy rain just when we decided to get the BBQ up and running!

  4. This dress is gorgeous! Xx

  5. That’s a shame about the weather…typical it should rain during an event even though we’ve had this heatwave! Lovely dress xxx

  6. That is such a pretty dress such a perfect colour on you xoxo

  7. Thats a really elegant look. It’s been so hot hasn’t it.

  8. This is a lovely colour on you Laura 🙂 I was rubbish and stayed indoors for most of the weekend as we had so much to do – boo!

  9. Those shoes are lush and I love the colour of this dress it really suits you. Enjoy your holiday my dear xx

  10. oh what a pretty little dress. gorgeous colour too.x

  11. the dress is PERFECT with your hair color- unexpected but really gorgeous!