Lasting Memories

It’s kind of obvious that as a blogger you’re going to take a lot of photos and have a lot sitting on your computer doing not much. I’m lucky as I have two willing blog photographers; Mum and Ben. It was Ben behind the camera for this post and upon seeing the photos we both agreed that we really loved a certain one. Mum went one step further though, by demanding a print of it, which was swiftly arranged. I was then able to go one better thanks to the offer of a photo canvas (gifted for review) from The Canvas Prints
I’ve purchased photo canvas blocks as gifts before, but never from The Canvas Prints and they’ve all been around the same price point (around £20). I think I’ve ordered from three different online stores before and the quality has varied quite a lot. I’m pleased to repot that Canvas Prints lands itself at the top of the quality pile- the colours in the print were rich, and thanks to a laminate finish the picture is glossy and bright instead of slightly faded with a dull finish.
Value wise, a single canvas print up to 60″ will cost you £18.95 which is excellent especially given the quality. The website is really user friendly with all the options clearly laid out and delivery is both reasonable and speedy. I have photo canvas plans for a special gift for someone and I was wondering where would be best to have it made up and I know now exactly where I’m heading…
Mum’s delighted with her canvas and I’m basking in the “good daughter” glow. Who would you have a Canvas Print made up for? What would it be? I think they make for the perfect gift with a personal touch.


5 comments for “Lasting Memories

  1. I had a black and white canvas print done of the boys when they were younger and keep meaning to get another one done but for the life of me could never remember which site I used!

  2. That really is a lovely picture. I’m glad the print came out so well.

  3. What a great shot! I love the idea of these canvas prints, I’d undoubtedly get some of my cats 🙂
    we have been given a few by OH’s parents – an aerial shot of our house and surrounding fields – it’s so nice toget a bird’s eye view

  4. Stunning picture. I wish I had a picture like that with my kitty. Canvasses are a great idea. I have a couple myself.

  5. That’s such a cute picture! I think canvases are a really good gift idea. x

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