THE WHITEPEPPER has quite quickly become a firm blogger favourite, myself included and I’m not usually one to become obsessed with an entire range from just one brand. Last week saw the release of their Spring14 lookbook and I once again fell head over heels. I only own one piece from THE WHITEPEPPER so far but my wishlist is miles long. Just check out both the brilliant designs and the gorgeous imagery.
I hadn’t intended on sharing pretty much every image from the lookbook (I’ve kept them small but you can click and enlarge) but I really couldn’t narrow down. Unusually for me I couldn’t even pick a singluar favourite piece, there’s nothing I dislike. In a dream world I’d own the pink floral two piece and ALL of the dresses (no one cuts dresses like THE WHITEPEPPER)
I seriously need to get back to work and back earning so I can add to my collection.
Do you own any of their pieces? Which brands do you find yourself becoming obsessed with?
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6 comments for “Lookbook Love: THE WHITEPEPPER

  1. I like the Whitepepper Spring 14 dresses in the lookbook photos numbered 5, 10 and 13. They have a very feminine appearance which I like a lot.

  2. I don’t own any Whitepepper but have caught myself lusting over their gorgeously cut dresses when seeing them on other bloggers – they’re quite a popular brand with bloggers aren’t they! The pink colour of that jumper is just gorgeous, as is the blue! xxx

  3. oh my gosh! i never heard of this brand before but they pretty much capture a lot of my style…fem/romantic with a bit of quirky edge! checking into things now! p.s. hope you feel better and don’t need too much pain meds! x

  4. i love the white smock dress, it is very cute and will be perfect for summer.
    I know how you feel on the cash flow front…there is just always another bill to pay!
    Gems x

  5. They are so cute and vintagy! I love the style =)

    Corinne x

  6. These are beautiful pictures, I don’t own anything from them but I always love how other bloggers style them up!

    Maria xxx