Lucy Jay

Spring is the time for colour, after the mundane dullness of the Winter months. Accessories are the perfect way to ease yourself in, and these amazing scarves by designer Lucy Jay are quite simply, awesome.

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I love how Lucy encourages creativeness when wearing her scarves, from tops to woven through this seasons braids, anything goes. I’m wondering how many different ways we could come up with? Maybe one day I can experiment!

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My two favourite designs, from her website are

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and “Lucy”

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You can check the others out here…and tell me your favourite

Lucy’s scarves are made from 100% silk crepe de chine and can be purchased from (in store now) and within the the next few weeks. They cost £125 each, and will also soon be available to buy direct from her website.

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  1. Awesome awesome post – 😮
    and thank you for your sweet comment, it made my day!
    Panda xx

  2. ahh the scarves look great ^^

  3. I doubt I’d do it myself but I quite like the scarf woven through the braid!

  4. Oh wow, these are fab !

  5. amazing scarf !!!!!!

    cool post!!!!!!

    love love love!!!!!

    thanx for comm sweetheart!


  6. I like headbands!

  7. Gorgeous scarves, although I think £125 is a bit steep for my student budget.
    Your formspring dissapeared? 🙁 Hope your alright sweetheart <3

  8. Oh dear…scarves are my new accessory crush! x

  9. I like the image of the scarf weaved through the braid.

    So glad you got the card, no thanks necessary hun.

    how is your weekend going?

    Here for you.


  10. I adore these colourful scarves, I need to figure out how to wear them as headbands now:)


  11. gosh what a beautiful post!
    your blog is darling btw!

  12. they are simply stunning, all of them. x

  13. o-m-g my heart just stopped, *drooling, love it!!!
    prettyneons xxx

  14. Love this post! The scarf is beautiful and colourful! ;P


  15. it totally screams spring darling!

  16. Oooh I love that scarf, so pretty!

  17. I love her designs too.
    Very fun wearing scarves on head.

  18. Such pretty scarves and I love all the colours. But shame about the price…if only I had a spare couple of hundred hanging around…

    Hope you’ve had a good weekend. xx:)

  19. Those are so pretty! I love all of the colors!!

  20. Such pretty ideas but blimey…£125 for a scarf? I’ve had holidays cheaper than that!
    Great post tho’, shall definately be pinching the scarf ideas cheapskate that I am!

  21. Jen

    I LOVE these scarves, only wish they weren’t so expensive! So pretty.

    The shoes are supposed to be an 8 (41) but definitely fit more like a 7, maybe even a 6 as I’m a small 8 anyway and they are TINY! I’ll be listing them on eBay tonight if you want to keep an eye on them… 🙂 xx

  22. I’d have to choose ‘Irene’ as my favourite scarf – the colours are perfect. I love the idea of braiding a scarf in my hair – I shall have to experiment!

  23. CC

    Fabulosity! Love the scarves. 🙂

  24. The scarves are so cute and clashing, I am in love with them!

    From Dolly

  25. that scarf is so pretty…love the print!


  26. pretty scarves

  27. They are so fabulous!

  28. Beautiful blog. Have a nice day Radka.

  29. Hey gorgeous,

    Love these scarves, great find.

    I hope you’re doing ok. Can’t believe you’ll have to wait that long for a bed!

    Thinking of you always,

    Love jojo xxxx

  30. I love to accessorize with scarves and these are just beautiful!!

  31. These are beautiful. I could do with some scarves, need to get better at accessorizing. xx

  32. Fabulous scarfs!


  33. I love wearing larger scarves as a top! I do it especially in the summmer. It is perfect for over bathingsuits. =)

  34. Beautiful scarfs!!


  35. I LOVE finding different ways to wear scarves. The problem is I have a neck injury so I have to prioritise keeping it warm and then I have to be cautious with adding others in.
    Her prints look absolutely amazing- so cheerful.

    Florrie x

  36. ooooOOOOooooo. i wanna buy scarves now!!!
    quick living room revamp…

  37. Oooo they are pretty. I love the second one. I have sooo many scarves and i hardly ever wear them, i’m going to start getting more use from them i think x

  38. They are awesome!! Love them in the models hair! 🙂
    vicki xo

  39. i really like the creativity when it comes to how you wear a scarf too!

  40. I love the colours on these, they’re gorgeous. And sorry for making you feel sick with the spidey pic 🙁 xxx

  41. Love the bright geometric designs on those scarfs!! So fab!

  42. WOw.. I love the bright colors! How fun! Perfect for spring/summer 🙂

  43. Gorgeous colors! I’ve always wanted to wear a scarf like this in my hair during summer with a flowy dress and loads of bangles! Thanks for posting 🙂


  44. Mo

    I do love an adorable scarf!
    -xoxo Mo

  45. Wow, I love these, the color and pattern is incredible and the way she tied it in that first models hair is just amazing. Like some sort of fascinator!

  46. E

    I LOVE these prints! I need some colorful scarves in my life right now!

  47. wowie wow wow, those are AMAZING! i seriously NEED to learn how to tie mine like that.

  48. Love the idea of braiding it through my hair! If I can do it successfully, I’ll have to post it up! What a cute look!

  49. Love “the Claire” one 🙂

  50. I think Claire may be my favorite. I would love to weave it through an Alexander Wang side braid!! 🙂

  51. whoa cool! will have to check her out. and i love your new header, is that a marc perfume top i spot?

  52. Wow her scarves are really bold. I hope you have a lovely week xx

  53. I loove colours, I am in desperate need to add some colour to my winter wardrobe.

    Follow me back? mystique-glamour

  54. whooooaaaaa. such a cool scarf. i wish i could take advantage of all the deals you find. maybe i should just move to england. done!! have a happy monday! xo.

  55. Beautiful pieces. I looooove that second scarf!

  56. Very nice, I see you have added some colour to your blog too, with the new title bar 🙂
    love it!

  57. these are absolutely lovely!

  58. perfect ways how to wear headband! 🙂

  59. thos scarfs are gorgeous 🙂

  60. Love the style and colors!!

  61. Claire is my favorite! beautiful items.
    have a fabulous week, darling Laura.

  62. Just discovered your blog! you have incredible syle 🙂

  63. So much better than Miranda Priestley’s white Hermes scarves.

  64. Really gorgeous scarves!


  65. Gorgeous! My mother is going through chemo right now, and these just may be the perfect accessory to help her feel feminine through what she’s going through.

    Thanks for sharing!

  66. wow..those scarfs are gorgeous! Great post! Love from Atlanta


  67. wishing you strength, love and hope today.
    big hug

  68. Oh! They’re so beautiful!! I love to wear them as a headband just like the model! xoxoxoxoxo

  69. These scarves are gorgeous. I love the patterns and colors. Sigh.

  70. they are REALLy beautiful scarves.. <3

    check out my giveaway!

  71. J

    ooo the scarves are gorgeous!! love the colors!

  72. i really really love this..

  73. Thanks for the comment. Those scarfs are beautiful but so expensive!!

  74. These scarves are so beautiful! I love love love it braided through the hair.

  75. i’m actually not a huge scarf person but these make me want to change my mind!

  76. J.

    I love both Claire and Lucy!!

  77. Funny and beautiful scarfs!!! I didn’t expect that you can do so many gorgeous things with a it :)))
    Many kisses for you, Daling 🙂

  78. I love colorful scarfs! Hope you’re doing well my dear 🙂

  79. ughhh i wish i had the $$ for one of these! :] so beautiful! thanks for sharing girl!


  80. I love bold colourful scarves, and these are amazing examples of them. But I just decided not to buy clothes for 6 months, so I’ll have to bookmark this and revisit then!

  81. Oh I love Lucy’s designs – I did an interview with her, you can check it out here:

    let me know what you think!

    xx Vanessa

  82. that’s pretty cool! lovely colours

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    best regards from Sweden