Making my Kindle Cooler with Caseable

A must have accessory for this fall/winter season is a case from caseable! Whatever your favorite fashion trend is, we give you the ability to express your unique style while protecting your electronics.

We offer a range of hand-crafted cases for laptops, iPads, Kindles and more — all made from recycled materials in Brookyln, NY. Customize your own case: choose from our endless pre-made style and color combinations or upload your own image for an accessory we’re sure no one else will have (but everyone will envy!).

When the above e-mail dropped in to my inbox with an invite to try out the service I didn’t hesitate in saying yes (grabby blogger much?!)
My Kindle and I are rarely separated and I’ve been looking for a new case to house it in for quite some time. I used one of caseables pre-made designs as I loved the stars and colours but also had a play with the custom options which would make a wonderful gift if you are starting your Christmas shopping. Shipping took a little while as it came from overseas (and of course, had to be made) but I am delighted with my new case and so is Claude; the now rather feminine Kindle.

Caseable isn’t limited to Kindle covers though, you can customise anything from laptop cases to phone covers. As an example, a custom case for your iPhone will cost you £24.90 which I don’t think is bad going for something completely unique. The website is user friendly and great for a play around. It’s not an every day indulgence but for a special gift or treat for your treasured gadget I can’t recommend the service enough…and I know I was sent my case to review, but trust me, my opinions are mine and mine alone; if you know me, I’m not backwards in coming forwards if I don’t like something!

What case would you design? I’ll be designing some as gifts for special Birthdays and (ssh) Christmas for sure!


11 comments for “Making my Kindle Cooler with Caseable

  1. I really want a customised Kindle case! This looks great x

  2. It looks great! I must check out that site:)

  3. I love this! It looks like a genuine book! xx

  4. I absolutely love this! <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. did you know i was a sucker for things made in brooklyn and are recycled?

    that seems to be the winning combo these days

  6. This is a great idea, a case you’ve designed would make a fab gift. Love your stars 🙂

  7. So cute, love the stars xxx

  8. Oh, will pass this on to the Mr – he’s looking for a new Kindle case : )