Sarenza Shoe(s) of the Week

This week I’ve managed to narrow down my two favourite pairs of shoes on Sarenza to just two; makes a change right? Believe it or not I’m finding it hard to get enthused about shoes at the moment purely because I can’t really wear any still.

Irregular Choice is a brand that divides opinion, you either seem to love and defend them, or flat out loathe them. I’m in the first camp although it took me a while to get there, and I am LOVING these two new styles:

Baby Beauty £92

Abigails Party £92

Despite how they look, Irregular Choice shoes are incredibly comfortable and these beauties will be perfect for upcoming party season!

Are you an Irregular lover? Char, Alex I’m looking at you! (these girls bought me my very first pair)


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6 comments for “Sarenza Shoe(s) of the Week

  1. The Baby Beauty pair is gorgeous, by far my favourite. I don’t own any Irregular Choice (yet) but I have always admired them.

  2. Beautiful shoes, I had a pair of Irregular Choice but had to sell them on …. I’m sadly not a heels girls anymore 🙁

  3. My sister loves them, she wore them for her wedding. I like them but the prices and some styles don’t always work for me, I do love the sequin pair but not the price…

  4. These are lovely, need to have a proper look at their website 🙂 x

  5. Oooh, love the top ones! I have two pairs of Irregular CHoice shoes which I love but they aren’t really blingy! Tempted by those top ones!
    By the way, were you aware your word-verfication is back on?