Money Saving and an Outfit

Hello, it’s still early Sunday morning here but I find myself awake drinking peppermint tea and ready to post.
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far? It’s gone bloody cold here but the sun is shining and it’s really quite pleasant outside.

Today’s post is in part, written by the lovely Rhian at, she asked me if she could write a guest post sharing some hints and tips about saving money whilst still being able to treat yourself.


Since the recession a person’s disposable income has been hit, retailers are now realising this and are becoming
more and more competitive with the discounts they are offering. Savvy consumers are making the most of these
discounts to ensure they are getting the best deals. There are a huge range of printable vouchers and online
discount codes available, whether you are considering a big or small purchase there will be a discount to be had.

Here is a selection of some of the great discounts currently available …

New Look
With winter coming it is a great excuse to go shopping and invest in a new winter wardrobe. High street chains
are offering a huge variety of discounts ranging from money off your bill total or a discount off an individual
product. Before ordering or buying anything remember to check what vouchers are available. This has been
made easier with the new iPhone Vouchers App that allows you to check
discounts on the go. The application uses geolocation technology and can find the best deals in your surrounding
area meaning that it can take just seconds to save you a packet!

Make up, creams, nail varnish and hair products I can’t get enough of them, but the costs can soon add up
especially for high end brands. Benefit are a company who’s products I particularly like they currently have a
range of discounts including free delivery on orders over £50 and up to 15% off any orders using a voucher code.

I love going to the pictures but find that the costs can soon add up with the price of the tickets, drinks and the
obligatory box of popcorn. Thankfully the Odeon is running a discount offering 40% off the price of cinema tickets.
This discount is available all week, so you are not limited to going just one day a week which is great news.

Pizza Express
Eating out now and again is always a treat, with discount vouchers you need never pay full price again. Pizza
Express is allowing you to get two main meals for £12 when using a printable voucher. Remember to check for
discounts to cut the cost of you bill next time you decide to eat out.

Written by Rhian Gillam of vouchers team

And here is what I wore yesterday. The skirt was £6 from Tu at Sainsburys, and the sequin jumper yet another ward trip purchase from crafted @ republic.



Well, I’m off to properly start my day.


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  1. I really like that skirt! Have a great day beauty 🙂

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  11. Great post and fabulous tips! You’re looking lovely as always and I must say that your legs are looking FANTASTIC! xxx

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    Discount codes are awesome, i never order anything online now without checking to see if i can get discount! x

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    Thanks for the tip! Never tried PizzaExpress but surely will now!

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    Me too 😉

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  39. beautiful outfit. and handy tips.
    while i think the cost of living is more expensive in the uk compared to Ausralia, clothes seem cheaper.

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