My Perfect Valentines Day Outfit

So, like I mentioned in my previous Valentines day themed post; I am little miss always single…but somehow, just like every year I have got caught up in Valentines mania (entire bags of JUST Harbio heart sweets? yes please!)

Nothing screams Valentines day more than a bunch of flowers from someone you love (yes, sending them to yourself DOES count), so when I got an e-mail about Interflora with a fantastic opportunity for you guys, I HAD to share!

First up though, here’s my dream outfit for this Valentines day

Dahlia heart print dress from ASOS SO girly pretty.

Super high heels from Topshop because I always feel I look my best in heels.

My favourite garter detail tights from Tabio

Finished off with this darling love heart necklace via My Flash Trash

Interflora want your Valentines Day Tips!
Comment here or send them a tweet for your chance to win a gorgeous bouquet of flowers!

What’s your dream Valentines outfit? And of course, share your tips with me, too!

38 comments for “My Perfect Valentines Day Outfit

  1. Amy

    Aww, this is really cute! I love it.


  2. Yay, someone else has spotted the Haribo hearts! I scoffed nearly a whole bag of them the other day. They’re just too nice! M&S have boxes of red and white heart shaped jelly beans that I’m fighting with myself about buying. White jelly beans = best sweets ever.

    I’m such a Valentine’s Day hater. Watch me totally change my tune if I get something from a secret admirer though, haha. (chance would be a fine thing!)

  3. I really want those socks. Now, I’ve always been a Valentine’s day Hater, there is just something about it I really hate (maybe its the excess red and pink). =D


  4. Really perfect, the dress is amazing!

  5. Is it bad I’m more into V-Day lingerie?

  6. Really cute outfit! Perfect for Valentines.

  7. I like the whole outfit choice, but I am not too keen on valetines day aha.x

  8. I love this outfit you picked out.
    For valentines day I love to wear tights and heels as well, and of course a dress, something in red or pink, but not so that i scream valentine.
    I usually wear my heart jewelry from Tiffany’s, I play around with my ring, bracelet, and necklaces from there. Depending on the dress cut and what not!

  9. Hello Lovely,

    thanks so much for your comment :)!!!!

    I love your post…thanks for inspiration….

    Wish you a great time!

    with love

  10. Hey babe hope you’re well. I am all about chocolate on Valentine’s Day. I just scoff the stuff.

    I love the dress. Super cute and very whimsical. For some reason I want to wear cream lace on the day itself with patterned tights and chunky boots!

    Jojo xxxx

  11. That dress is so cute! I need to think of something cheap and cute to do for me a Phil!

  12. Love the outfit! Especially the dress 🙂 It’s very cute!

  13. Wow, that dress is SO cute! The heels are killer too.

    Joanne Faith xo

  14. Ah I am more than a little in love with the beautiful dress from ASOS I really have to go check that out now! Thanks for sharing!

  15. The dress is gorgeous & perfect for Valentine’s Day xxx

  16. that outfit would actually look amazing on you! i love the contrast of the dress and shoes. amazing xo

  17. Roz

    I’ve never had to style a ‘valentines outfit’, but mine would probably be something vintage – preferably silk- (in red or pink) with some kind of kooky twist.
    I especially the heels you chose here – lovely.
    Thank you for your nice comment, I really appreciated it!

  18. Im agree with u and your perfect outfit for valentine’s day!!! 🙂 im following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  19. That Valentines Day outfit is gorgeous, love that asos dress gives such a ‘sultry sexy’ look 🙂 xx

  20. Lovely post – I’ve always been a little unsure about Valentines as I’m always single too – I admire you for embracing it 🙂 I really love the dress you picked x

  21. Hmm I’ve never really gotten excited about Valentines day, I try to show my bf I love him everyday not just once a year haha!
    Saying that though I do love your Valentines themed outfit – the dress is gorgeous.

  22. Entire bags of Haribo hearts! Amazing! Although the Haribo strawbs will always be my fave 🙂 xx

  23. Mat

    i have bought my gf something, it’s very small. we don’t usually bother but why not

  24. hi hi. thx for ur comment. happy new years to u as well. this is such a lovely dress. i always get excited for valentines even when i dont have a man to be romantic with. it just feel so nostalgic for some reason…reminds me of my childhood. =)

  25. Those Tabio tights are amazing. My Henry Holland ones ripped so I need a new pair of faux stocking-esque tights and these look perfect.

    Bhav x

  26. ok so I finally managed to catch up on all your back posts that I have missed this week while being mega busy. Love the tights in this post, your cloud necklace, the love earring and your muffins look yummy. Also adore the orange outfit a few posts down. there!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  27. This is such the valentines outfit. I love Valentines as well, but am perpetually single too. I haven’t gotten myself flowers in ages, I think I will most soon!
    As for my fav valentines outfit, I’m going to an event for my internship and we all have to wear red, which I was freaked about cause I don’t normally wear red. Alas, i searched through my closet and came up with a lovely redish fusia vintage summer dress that I am too excited to wear again!
    lovely post x.x.x
    Casie Jean

  28. Wow this is my dream dress for Valentine’s Day too. The gorgeous shade of pink and the subtle heart print it is absolutely perfect.

  29. Oh this is beautiful 🙂 That dress is lovely and I have to get myself some of those tights!
    Thank you for putting this together 😀

  30. That dress is wonderful!

    As I’ve said before I loathe valentines day. However I have a very sweet hubby who will buy me a gift but give me it a few days before or after because of how I feel. x

  31. I love that dress! So sweet and pretty.

  32. Perfect V-Day outfit!


  33. love the topshop heels!

  34. that dress and those tights are perfect 🙂 love your great taste!

  35. this is a great combo for valentines day it has a romantic style to it… love the shoes

    Vi from Cali

  36. Hey I have that dress!! It is so lovely in real life, I will have to do an outfit post. Cute blog, I somehow stumbled across it! xoxoxo