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Back in July I introduced you to the wonderful website Flights of Nancy and expressed my love of my leather holdall. That holdall has been much admired on my two flights this year (it really is the perfect travel bag, even burly security guards complimented it) and is much treasured by myself; I’ll be using it for years to come and most likely handing it over to my firstborn child, that’s how well made and loved it is!

The hardworking Natalie has been beavering away at updating the range and has a fabulous array of new arrivals to further tempt you and I…pictured are just my favourites, below are the details of the full range:

1. Large Yellow Messenger Bag with Batik Lining, £70

Described by one happy Flights of Nancy customer as “like carrying
sunshine around with you”, the bag is ethically sourced and lined with
beautiful recycled batik. The leather is cow (we heard a rumour it was a
very mean cow if that helps…) while the innards feature an internal zip
compartment, a mobile phone pocket, and a magnet button closure. The
adjustable strap features five holes for folks of all sizes.

2. Medium Batik Lined Leather Messenger Bag in Yellow and Caramel,£60

The leather messenger bag with recycled batik lining is both handmade and
hand dyed. It features one internal zip pocket and mobile pocket.

Ethically sourced from Indonesia in partnership with small family owned
businesses, the Flights of Nancy messenger bag is the perfect iPad
accessory, trendy trend setter, or ideal for everyday use.

3. Medium Holdall with recycled batik lining – available in red brown, tanbrown and dark brown, £80

You said ‘Gimme gimme gimme a holdall we can use every day!’ And so we did.

The ethically sourced Flights of Nancy medium holdall is hand made and
dyed. Plus, take a wee peek inside where you’ll find gorgeous recycled
batik lining.

Made of cow hide, the holdall measures 19.5CM X 25.5CM X 32CM. It holds
its classic,structured shaped beautifully, regardless of how you use and
abuse it.

4. Medium Stitched Detail Messenger with batik lining – available in
yellow and caramel, £60
The medium messenger bag features an adjustable strap – perfect for
wearing crossbody whatever your height. As with all Flights of Nancy
products, the bag is ethically sourced.

The leather is cow. Inside the messenger bag you’ll find an internal zip
compartment and a magnet button closure.

awaiting a flight to Spain

You’ll also find an updated version of my large leather holdall (with Batik rather than plain lining) coming soon!

Natalie is also branching in to holding Flights of Nancy parties, currently trialling in London only but they will make it futher afield if enough interest is there; if they come to the west country your all invited to mine!

Flights of Nancy Fan? Treat yourself. You won’t regret it.

3 comments for “New from Flights of Nancy

  1. I love how structured they are! Such gorgeous bags, I want one! xx

  2. I love the messenger bag, soooooo want to get one now!

    Nat x

  3. The brown satchel? Be still my beating heart!