Novelty Knitwear Addict

Asos Jumper, Really old New Look skirt, Yull Chelsea Boots.

I’ve lost track of how many jumpers I’ve bought this year, everywhere I turn there is another one I want…this one is a particular favourite; good old ASOS indulging my not so secret cat lady-isms.

How did your week start off? Did you celebrate with Sparklers or hide under a duvet? Mine could have gone better, in fact yesterday ended up being a total nightmare; you know you get those days where you have a total inability to cope with anything? That was me, a sobbing wreck, confused and sad and just pissed off with the world. There was insult to (literal) injury too as I have been signed off work for a week to give my stupid foot a chance to rest and heal whilst awaiting physio; a dream for many, I’d frankly rather be at work but having spent ten long years putting others first, it’s time to do what is right for me and this foot won’t mend itself with my insistence on carrying on as normal.

Thank you to my twitter pals for keeping me sane and making me smile. Special shout-out goes to Polly for the e-mail entertainment and un-wavering moral support.

Today is a new day, things might be changing but that doesn’t mean I have to be miserable. Onward and upwards…indeed.


14 comments for “Novelty Knitwear Addict

  1. I love that jumper 😀 I really need to get some more 🙂
    Really hope you start feeling better soon lovely <3
    Love Holly x

  2. Awww hun sorry to hear about your shit day, mine was a little crappy too someone crashed into the side of my car, only a little smash but enough to cause hassle.

    Hope your foot gets better real soon, try and enjoy your time off, this jumper is sooooo you btw and you totally rock crutches xo

  3. Aw hope you feel better soon! On the plus side-you have a cat on your jumper!! xo

  4. I’ve never seen the back of the jumper. It’s awesome.


  5. Oh that jumper is beyond amazing. Love it!!

    Try and enjoy the time off work hun. It’s not all bad!

  6. Woah. I cannot cope with that jumper. It is making me insanely jealous. I am having a serious jumper issue this year… I just cannot stop buying them. And I need to stop buying animal jumpers- it is like I am 4 and my mum is dressing me all over again. And I NEEEEED a cat jumper like this. Arghhh. damn you :-p

    I had no sparklers and only saw a few fireworks from the window at work 🙁 I have had a awful few days at work and have hid under the duvet once I am home (with a mince pie to cheer myself up).

    I hope you feel better soon. Get that foot fixed!



    p.s. I apologise for all this waffle!

  7. Cat-rutches? Okay, terrible portmanteaus aside, that jumper is FIT. And as always, your loveliness is much appreciated, you ray of gorgeousness, you. xxx

  8. That sweater is so cool! I wants!

    All the best with the foot!

  9. Omg this jumper is so different, never seen one like it, haha very quirky it’s awesome 😀 x

  10. O bless your heart, hope you get better and back to work soon! Think of it as an excuse to watch Disney films all day, that’s what I do when I can’t go to work!

    Adore this jumper, its so cute! Have deiced I need more cute jumpers in my life, your’s always make me smile.

    Get better soon xx

  11. It’s rubbish that you are still sore, but try to enjoy the break, get your baking on! xx

  12. I contemplated buying that jumper!!! Looks cute on you!!!!

  13. this is quite possibly one of the most amazing jumpers i’ve ever seen!

  14. This jumper is just perfect! Super cute 🙂 xx