Sarenza Shoe of the Week

So this week my Sarenza pick has limited itself to just one, but with that I have gone from the sensible to the “even without a poorly foot I could never wear these, but I love them anyway”

I introduce the Starry Night Super Pltfrm by Iron Fist, a brand that I’ve never really enjoyed before but lately they are coming out with some super pieces! This pair costs £91 which isn’t bad for something so damn striking, however they really would be the kind of shoe I buy and then put on display; by the time I’m back in heels I think it’ll be kitten heels and not much else.

Would you be able to walk in these? Are you an Iron Fist…which of their styles is your favourite?


6 comments for “Sarenza Shoe of the Week

  1. I took delivery of my first pair of Iron Fist shoes last week, not these ones but I have also had my eye on them..!

  2. I’ve got one pair of Iron Fist shoes. They’re about two years old, black platform stilletto with a red sequined poppy on. Love them so much.


  3. Amy

    These are cute but maybe a little high for me – and I’m good with a platform!


  4. LOVE these but I totally think I could die in them.

  5. I’m crazy obsessed with iron fist, these are incredible!


  6. If i wasnt so tall, these would never leave my feet.