Nutella Fudge Brownie Bites

Yes, another baking post. There are two reasons for this;
1. Bad news, totally out of the blue has left me somewhat…struggling for inspiration with anything. Twitter followers…just, thank you.

2. It’d be really damn rude of me not to share such a delightfully simple and sinfully delicious recipe.

I present,
Nutella Fudge Brownie Bites

– 175g Nutella. Buy a 200g jar and you’ll have the perfect amount left for guilt free eating off the spoon.

– 5 tablespoons self raising flour.

– 1 egg.

– A good dash of cinnamon, and some chunks of chocolate/dried fruit/chocolate chips etc.

Beat together the nutella and the egg until smooth. Add in the flour and mix well…the batter will be sticky but not too hard to work with. Add in anything else you fancy (I used chunks of milk chocolate and liberal amounts of cinnamon).

Spoon in to 12 fairy cake cases (you could also do it as a sheet, as bigger bites, or mini bites but will need to adjust cooking times) and bake at 180*c for around 10 minutes. Cooking time is approximate because it depends on how you like your brownies! I like mine not too gooey, but not too cooked either, so 10 minutes was perfect.

Cool (a little) and eat.

I made one mini mini bite for testing as the actual brownies are a request for work (can’t get rid of that place even though I’m off!). The brownies will be quite springy when first out of the oven but get that dense, fudgy texture as they cool.

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  1. Laura,
    Sorry to hear your bad news :0( Am sending lots of love and positive thoughts your way xxxxxxx

  2. these look scrumptious! will have to give them a go at the weekend – nutella is my favourite thing ever.
    Hope you are okay after your bad news πŸ™ let me know if theres anything i can do to help xx

  3. Oh wow… bye bye diet, it was nice knowing you! These look absolutely scrumptious πŸ™‚ must…resist… *does Homer Simpson drooling action* lol xx

  4. P.S. I hope you are okay RE the bad news πŸ™ xxx

  5. Hope you allowed yourself more than one tiny bite! They look amazing.

  6. It’s my Granda’s 80th birthday this weekend and I’m baking little treats for it. It appears you’ve added another scrummy beauty to my list. I’m sure everyone who eats one will be in your debt!


  7. I wish I worked with you !x

  8. I’m sorry to hear about your bad news. Hope you’re ok. These sound gooood. x

  9. Yum, yum, yum!! These look delish!

  10. They look soooo yummy!!

    This is no good for the diet I can tell you.

    Just off to get stuff to make cookies so will add these ingredients to the list.

    X x

  11. They look amazing – first wheetabix, now nutella – I need to find time to try all of these things! I hope you’re ok xxx

  12. Amy

    Hope everything is ok…I’m thinking about you! Lots of love and good thoughts your way. πŸ™‚


    P.S. These look amazingly delicious!!

  13. I’ve gone off chocolate bars recently, but this look so yummy I might just have to give in to making some…! thanks for sharing the recipe πŸ™‚ x

  14. Oh wow – yum!! I won’t be making these as I don’t trust myself but they look amazing! x

  15. they look so yummy!

  16. Those look sooo good!
    Sorry I haven’t visited you recently lovely. I just been so incredible busy. You look darling with your red hair, by the way. πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re doing well!

  17. Ohhh they look yummy x

  18. Oh they look heavenly x

  19. They look amaziiiing!!I’m going to make them asap!

  20. They look gorgeous but I hate nutella probably as I hate nuts but I would love normal chocolate spread.

    I wanna come to your house you always bake lovely cakes xx

  21. So sorry about your bad news.

    These look delicious I thin I might give them a try, my kids will gobble them up

  22. They sound too simple not to bake and look too delicious to only have a tiny taster! Hope all is ok x

  23. Almost every blog I have visited today has had some wonderful recipe – we should officially make Thursday recipe day! (Friday can be buying ingredients day and Saturday can be baking day!)

    Hope you are okay after your bad news. x

  24. Anonymous

    Hun, you’re a breath of fresh air! Thank you.

  25. These look delicious! I think I will have to try making them.


  26. ZOMG they look delicious. I’m drooling…

  27. Phwoar, these look a bit nice!

    Hope you’re OK xx

  28. YUM! Thanks for sharing!

  29. These look mega yummy!! xx