Practise Run

I’m considering this outfit a trial run for Autumn. My latest Sarenza order arrived yesterday, including some boots I’d chosen to put away for colder times…
One look at the grey skies made me realise there was no way these babies could be hidden away. They were begging to be worn right now…and so there is a silver lining to any situation.

What made the deal even sweeter was that these shoes; Jeffrey Campbell Erikson are just £40 in the sale! Meaning I was able to take full advantage of being an ambassador for Sarenza and buy some sensible shoes for work, too! I think I’ve become a bit obsessed with JC shoes, actually…and it’s not the usual hype about the infamous Litas! I opted for the Miller flats which, with a bit of weather protection spray will be perfect for now and later in the year!

The Sarenza sale has some amazing bargains right now, so if your in the mood for a feet treat, hop along!


32 comments for “Practise Run

  1. Gorgeous boots!
    Julia @ Retro Jules

  2. That dress is completely gorgeous 🙂
    love your style!! x

  3. Swooooon. Love the colour. x hivenn

  4. The up side of this awful summer is that you can start wearing autumn purchases loving this outfit and those boot are amazing xoxo

  5. Those boots are amazing! And you’re right they definitely can’t be locked up until autumn!

  6. Woah, what a great dress!

  7. Woah, what a great dress!

  8. Wow, JC shoes, you look amazing in them! Love the print on your dress too 🙂 xx

  9. I love your style:) and your banner at the top of your blog is gorgeous! 🙂 I’m having a mac lipstick giveaway and I’d love for you to enter! xx

  10. Gorgeous shoes and such a pretty dress to xoxo

  11. Ooh I like the boots. I think the summer has gone, for-EVER!

  12. Gorgeous boots and lovely tights!


  13. Beautiful boots – they are ideal for this awful winter weather we’re having! xx

  14. Love the slightly muted colour palette and those lovely JCs! I think it’s time to dust off the winter wardrobe that I’ve packed away. Summer is officially over x

  15. Vix

    I love everything you’re wearing, totally and utterly stunning. x

  16. OMG I so want those boots they are gorgeous. xx

  17. Anonymous

    please please look after yourself you are getting very thin again. You are an attractive girl but you really need to watch that eating disorder doesn’t get the better of you because you have visibly lost weight over the last few months. Be careful its a dangerous game. Look after you! x

  18. Ah, and I suppose now is also the best time to stock up on autumn/winter shoes as they’ll still be available in any colour and size!

    Lovely choice you made – the colour is amazing!

  19. STUNNING outfit. Very different from everything i’ve been seeing lately.
    if only you had a better camera to take the pictures with so they would be clearer

  20. Oh they’re great. Good price too. I like it when sale prices are actually a proper discount.

  21. Those boots are gorgeous, I think I would need your legs to wear them though 🙂

    Maria xxx

  22. Gorgeous – should at least keep your feet dry in this miserable weather!

  23. Love the boots! And I love how they add a bit of edge to the rest of the outfit. I know it’s July, but right now is the perfect time for boots.


  25. lovelovelovelove your boots! This would make a perfect autumn outfit.

  26. Autumn/winter shoes are so much more fun/interesting than summer flip flops


  27. love The JC boots so much 😉

  28. awesome find with the shoes. Very sensible of you to be rehearsing for Autumn this early 😉

  29. Absolutely adore that dress on you 🙂

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