On being a woman with Thierry Mugler / #BeawareofAngels

I’ve never really thought about the fact I’m a woman. By that I mean of course I knew I WAS one but I had never explored what it actually meant to me. It’s actually only been the last 18months where I’ve thought of myself as anything other than just a body occupied by illness, I felt I had no identity outside of that and at times never saw a future for myself, let alone actually growing and developing in to who I am today. It was quite timely, really that the folks at Thierry Mugler got in touch and posed a few questions about womanhood as part of a new campaign.
These days I can appreciate my femininity and all that in entails. From having a body with curves that I am willing to embrace through to finding a boyfriend and falling in love. I spend time attempting to better my daily appearance, I bother about my hair and my makeup and although superficial I feel that it’s all a part of my new found acceptance of who I am and wanting to appear pretty to the world (I know some will disagree with this, but to me personally it’s a part of being a woman and embracing my feminine side).

I also don’t believe that being a woman should limit myself, or anyone in achieving what they want to achieve. It hasn’t been an easy journey but I’m now happily settled in job (well, jobs) that I love and match exactly what I always wanted before illness and a loss of drive stood in the way. Anybody who tries to tell me I can’t do something will be greeted with a “watch me” – those words just add fuel to the fire, I still lack some confidence in my ability but slowly and surely I am starting to believe in those three little words “yes, I can”.

The last year and a half has been a metamorphosis, really. I feel like I’ve emerged out of a safe and warm little bubble in to a world full of colour and noise and emotions (and yes, I am one of those women who cries at everything!). It’s a little scary sometimes but I am always learning and expanding on myself. My confidence in who I am as a person and what I look like is growing on a daily basis…you’re never going to find me walking around with my arse hanging out a pair of hot pants or my boobs spilling out of a top, but that’s ok. My inspiration doesn’t come from celebrities or fictional characters, nope, mine comes from the people I see around me on a daily basis- from the patients I see in my clinics, from bloggers who I look up to and admire, from my Nan and my mother and my friends. I am often humbled by these wonderful people and draw on their experiences to develop my own.

My name is Laura and I am a headstrong, capable and incredibly stubborn woman and nothing else is going to get in my way.

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