Pleather Up

Since we’re now in to September I don’t feel quite so bad about sometimes retreating back to my favoured black and grey colour palette and swapping sandals for boots. As much as I prefer the weather of Summer when we get it, Autumn and Winter layers are what I feel most comfortable wearing so it’s a bit of a relief when the air is cool enough and the craving for a darker palette kicks in.

Jumper c/o Skip N’ Whistle | Dress: River Island @ ASOS | Boots c/o Missguided | Sunglasses c/o Hema

I couldn’t resist adding in a splash of colour in the form of these brilliant boots from Missguided. These are seriously so comfortable and cushioned that I can walk for miles in them, and they are an excellent transitional shoe as the cut outs mean you don’t feel as caged in as you would with a solid boot.

I’m always a bit hesitant when wearing this dress as it’s so short- I’m afraid that one wrong move and I’ll be flashing my knickers at someone! Oh the perils of being a tall girl…
Still these super old animal print tights from Primark just about saved my dignity and with my favourite ever light weight sweat from Skip N’ Whistle this was a perfect ensemble for a lazily productive Sunday clearing out my wardrobe.

Do you find you’re drawn towards different colours when the weather changes? I do love a pop of bright in Winter, but I prefer it to be paired with an otherwise monochrome palette rather than full on.


4 comments for “Pleather Up

  1. I am drawn to darker colours for winter, I’ve bought tons of black lately so looks like I’m taking on a whole new look soon. Eeep.
    I adore that peep of pleather dress very much, looks awesome x

  2. I’ve not heard of Skip n’ Whistle before but this jumper is really cute!

  3. Love the jumper (obvs) and although I’m not normally a fan of pleather I rather like the skirt too.

  4. Oooh, I love me some faux leather! Such a cute, casual look.