According to the various postmen and delivery men I’ve answered the door to over recent weeks, my address is a parcel magnet. The postman is single handily blaming me for his bad back, oops.

Yesterday Dad picked me up from work and bypassed “hello” for “you’ve got another two parcels”. One contained material for a snacking Saturday post (which is having a break this week whilst I catch up) and the other was from Sarenza who got in touch a week or so ago offering the chance to team up with them and pick some shoes.

Clue! See if you can guess which pair I went for!

Clue 2…the don’t look like this!

And for kicks, another of the floral dresses I’ve worn this week. Rut, much?


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  1. Ah, sod the postman and his back. Parcels!! There is nothing better than getting home to lots of lovely post to open.

  2. Theres nothing better then coming home to parcels! Free shoes? Yes please!! x

  3. Ooh I love parcels! I got a little something through the post this morning and it made me all excited 😀

    Fiona x

  4. Can you send that lovely cat parcel my way?! 😀

  5. yeay parcels 🙂 I can’t wait to see the shoes you picked!

  6. I am addicted to post and parcels. There, I said it. Laura, floral dresses are a must. No apologies needed.

  7. We’re glad you like the Clarks Originals shoes, they go really nicely with the dress you chose. We love the pic of the cute kitten too!

  8. I love your shoes!

  9. I love getting parcels (yours hasn’t arrived yet but I hope it will tomorrow :D) especially when they have such pretty things in 🙂 Those shoes are FAB!

    Maria xxx

  10. Love Flash in the box. Your cat is amazing.

    As for parcels. Sod the postie. I have to go collect all my post from the campus security office, and this week it’s been nothing but comments on how many parcels and letters. Frankly, who are they to judge. I earn my own money to pay for my purchases, and I like online shopping.

  11. That’s a lovely dress! I love getting parcels in the mail x


  12. my dogs love sleeping in my boxes!! 🙂 xo

  13. my postman says i single handedly keep the royal mail in business x

  14. Hehe, it’s fun always expecting parcels. I love the shoes you picked. They look so cool.

  15. I love getting parcels through the post but hate it when I miss them. Love the shoes great pick and that dress look gorgeous on you. Florals look so good on you xoxo

  16. Who cares about the postman!


  17. I predict you went for something nautical themed- maybe those nice red and white stripey deckshoes- with the navy lower bits (bad description huh?) hmmm, maybe not your style. Red desert boots? Adorable pale blue Mary Jane style shoes? Maybe this is just my wishlist, not yours!

    Aha, I’ve got it- a life-sized replica pair of Flash, cosy slippers that will keep him company!

  18. Ann

    Awwww Flash is so adorable! Cats always choose the best places to sit don’t they?… And there’s nothing better than getting something in the mail! 🙂

  19. You look so darling in floral, so I definitely dun consider it being in a rut!

    And how cute is that kitty face!! ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  20. you look pretty + Flash is adorable 🙂

  21. i find that I’m wearing florals all the time at the moment ^_^
    cute kitty! 😀
    Rosie xoxo

  22. A kitty bed! The perfect use for a shoe box! 😀