Shoe Saturday

Because Snacking Saturday is on hiatus this week, I am deeming today SHOE Saturday, in which I reveal my new shoes c/o Sarenza!

I’ve been lusting after a pair of Clarks Originals desert boots for some time now but wasn’t too sure about taking the plunge…however this pair swayed me and thanks to Sarenza my wish has been granted!

I kind of get the feeling these might be a bit of a marmite shoe…you will either love them or hate them. Needless to say for me it’s LOVE (bordering on obsession).

So, what’s the verdict? Be honest, I can handle it!

Have you visited Sarenza before? If you could pick any pair of shoes from there, what would they be?


39 comments for “Shoe Saturday

  1. Gem

    I think you’re right, they’re the marmite of shoes! They’re not my style, but they look cool on you x

  2. I think i like them, love the print anywhoo. I have a feeling they would make my feet look MASSIVE as i have big feet anyway, so would probably stay clear, just for that reason.

  3. Eeh I want these shoes! They suit you really well :} x

  4. Not really my style, but they look really good on you, so cute! 🙂 X

  5. I was wondering if they were desert boots. Glad to see you have gone floral again! x

  6. Anonymous

    These shoes look so cute on you 🙂 And I like your blog a lot, by the way!

  7. They’re one of the many shoe styles I love but don’t know why!

    Have to work out why I love them or find them on sale (highly unlikely!) to justify buying!

  8. As for serenza: I’ve been browsing a little and I think I like these

    But I don’t know which colour I like best.

  9. I have these in leopard print 😀 super duper comfy! x

  10. Anonymous

    Cute shoes but not with that outfit. Would look better say with white shorts and bare legs.

  11. 🙂 They are not for me either but I do love the pattern, do they make cushions? 🙂
    Kandi x

  12. definitely a marmite shoe, though I think I would love them if they were yellow lol. I’m not a pink kind of girl 🙂

  13. Brilliant shoes. I like them. Likewise, I love floral dresses…just not sure I’d pair the two together.
    But you rock them however you want to rock them.

    Enjoy your weekend. xx:)

  14. I’ve always loved Clarks’ desert boots and those are absolutely gorgeous. I’d love to see them with pastel pink tights. xxx

  15. Love them shoes, sooo cute !!
    you look fab !

    Claire xox

  16. oh those shoes are so cute, the floral print is so pretty. they’re going to look amazing come summer with a pair of denim shorts. x

  17. Awww these shoes are cute, love the floral print! They suit you but it’s not something I feel I would suit myself.xx

  18. Ann

    Those are so much fun! I don’t know if I’d be able to pull them off, but you can!!

  19. I don;t think I could pull them off in that colour but they do look really comfy!

  20. i love the shoes:3 i think i would prefer them in a differnt colour if i bought them thougyh 3 i think they go with ur dress ^^

  21. looove them, flower shoes ftw :)!

  22. i LOVE them 😀
    I have some desert boots in brown from primark and i love them ^_^
    love the pattern! 😀
    Rosie xoxo

  23. cute boots 🙂

  24. You really suit them. I love these kind of boots but I definitely can not pull them off. they look good on you. xxx

  25. Kat

    Ahh I love desert boots- these floral ones are amazing!


  26. I love them. Not sure what I’d style them with but you’ve managed it so well!

    X x

  27. I think they are so cute, great for summer xx

  28. Wow! They’re so quirky & perfect for Spring – I love them. They look quite comfy too.

  29. They are definately like marmite. I could never pull them off but the print is so cute! x

  30. I love desert boots, they’re so cool and this print is lovely. I’d love to see some more prints an colours too. xxx

  31. Superb boots! Like floral prints! Great blog! Follow you) follow me?

  32. They look very very cute !

  33. LOVE THEM! Only you could pull them off though…gorgeous!


  34. Hee I was right- desert boots- I got the colour wrong though! They are SOOO much cooler than my purple ones!!! Love them!!!!!!!!!!
    I must visit Sarenza (if only because it sounds like my name!)

  35. Anonymous

    They’re cute on you, but I wouldn’t like them on me because I had a pair like it as a child (and I didn’t like wearing

  36. your so skinny! I am jealous!

  37. i think they’re adorable.
    i would like to pair them with something metallic.