oranges and lemons

Last week the folks at Baking Mad got in touch challenging me to recreate a recipe from their website…with an extensive range (everything from how to make pancakes to a divine sounding peanut butter and chocolate cupcake recipe) it was hard to pick something to make but in the end, wanting something light and fruity for the hot weather I settled on the old favourite St Clements Traybake.

I have a love/hate relationship with online recipes, but I have in the past used many from Baking Mad with great success. This was no different and the results were a delight (even if I do say so myself!)

The ingredients list was nice and short, making the recipe budget friendly; something that stops me baking as much as I’d like can be the cost of ingredients. Although the website suggests specific products to use, I didn’t have access to them all so used equivalents:

100g softened butter (plus a little extra for greasing)
175g self raising flour (Allison Nature Friendly) sieved
1tsp baking powder
175g Golden Caster Sugar (Billingtons)
2 Happy Eggs
6tsp Just Milk
1tsp pure orange extract.

For the topping you’ll need the juice of one large lemon and another 100g of golden caster sugar; plus retro fabulous orange and lemon jelly slices to decorate!

The method was a quick and easy all-in-one job, which is just what I like!

1. Preheat the oven to 180*c, 160*c (fan) or Gas Mark 4

2. Grease/line a shallow oblong tin (approx 18x28cm)

3. Place all the cake ingredients in to a large mixing bowl. Preferably using an electric mixer beat the mixture for 4-5 minutes, or until the mixture drops easily off a spoon.

4. Spoon the mixture in to the tin and smooth the surface. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until golden and firm to touch.

5. While the cake is baking prepare the icing. Beat together the lemon juice and sugar. As soon as the cake comes out of the oven pour the mixture evenly over the top, then leave to cool.

6. Cut the cake in to 16 squares, them top each one with the orange and lemon slices.

And that’s it! This really is quick and simple..and the best bit? It’s best eaten WARM, which means no hanging around to dig in!

Have you used the Baking Mad website before? Which recipes have caught your eye?


25 comments for “oranges and lemons

  1. mmm sounds and looks delicious. I’ve not baked in ages and miss it.

  2. I need to bake. I last made some cinnamon muffins for J. S would love this recipe though. Lemon drizzle is his favourite.


  3. I love citrus flavoured cakes, this looks yummy πŸ™‚

  4. That looks so good! I love lemon drizzle, so St Clement’s sounds even better. Grapefruit would make for a pretty good cake, too.
    I miss baking – can’t wait to start again! I have a Danish pastry book I’m keen to sink my teeth into.

  5. OOh yummy i’m going to try this on the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  6. They look delish! Perfect with a cup of tea.

  7. This sounds great, I have never tried this recipe so I will give it a go!

    Maria xxx

  8. This look delicious. I’ve never tried the website, but I’m going to check it out now. x

  9. Looks very yummy : )

  10. Mmmmmm want! x

  11. This looks so great! If I made this I would eat all of it I think… All the more reason to try it.

  12. Looks tasty! I get a lot of my recipes from the internet mainly because I don’t have the spare cash for baking books!

  13. This is definitely the kind of cake I go for! Unfortunately, if I made it I’m not sure any of the cute orange and lemon sugar shapes would make it onto the cake… They just taste SO good! xo

  14. I wish I was good at baking πŸ™ I tried making some scones today – following Delia Smith’s recipe TO THE LETTER – and they turned out more like biscuits than anything! This stuff looks amazing though πŸ™‚

    Sarah x

  15. Wow it looks amazing. I cannot cook. My skills do not extend beyond the microwave.

  16. I could totally eat that whole tray!


    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

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  18. I want to get into baking and this website sounds great, deff gonna have a peek at it. Those cakes look delish, lemon cakes are the nicest. Hope you’re well lovely! xxx

  19. Mmmmmm these look yummy! I need to check out this website. Usually if I fancy baking I just get out my trusty hummingbird bakery book. I think it’s time to broaden my baking horizon πŸ™‚ xx

  20. Mmmmm yum! I love those jellied candies on top! =)

  21. Anonymous

    You do a lot of baking maybe that has something to do with your obsession with food?

  22. I used to love those little fruity slices when I was younger – those cakes look delicious! : )

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