GHD Style and Protect

Last week a box of goodies turned up on my doorstep containing some luxurious looking Style and Protect hair products from GHD…masters of all things straighteners!

Normally I do all reviews for my blog myself, but this time I asked my Mum if she’d like to do the honours (she is far more hair savvy than I, and frankly, needed a little cheering up). I did snag the hairbrush for myself and it proved perfect for my super thick hair. The box set also came with some seperating clips which are really handy when attempting to sort out my layers!

Anyway, this review is really about the products, so without further ado…

“The GHD Straight and Smooth Spray is a fabulous spray and works brilliantly, the only downside is that unless you wash your hair everyday it does tend to make your hair a bit “crispy” to touch! The smell is gorgeous and if I washed my hair daily I would use this product all the time.
The final shine spray leaves your hair soft and shiny with a great scent, ideal for inbetween washes”.

This set retails at £39 and comes in an elegant looking gift box. It may be pricey for a hair care set, but when you look at what hair products cost from Boots and Superdrug these days, it’s actually not that bad. GHD lovers will love this and it would make a fantastic gift, too!

Available here.

Have you tried any of the hair care range?

I’m really enjoying doing some more non-outfit posts, I’ll probably make it a more regular thing!


7 comments for “GHD Style and Protect

  1. This spray sounds like a wonderful product. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I can’t live with out my GHD’s. My look if awful if I don’t use them.

    The set looks great.

    X x

  3. I didn’t even realise that they did hair products?! I love hair products that smell nice, that would probably sell me.

  4. Thanks for the review Daisy Mum =)
    This set is pricey but I do love GHD products!

  5. Sounds great, I’ve never tried any GHD styling products, apart from my straighteners of course x

  6. I have tried their straighteners and their heat protectant. I love my straighteners! The heat protectant worked well but I don’t think I would purchase it again.


  7. Nice but the GHD products are pricey!! :)join Unze Official Page Unze.UK’s best footwear company.