Daisy Chain Dreaming: Cruise Fashion

Another week another wishlist, this is becoming a habit!

Alexander McQueen, Acne, Alexander McQueen…all strictly wishlist material with these designer picks from Cruise Fashion another shop freshly on my radar thanks to blogging!

And because Men are so often overlooked, I thought I’d share these wonderful basics (admittedly not as basic prices) by Stone Island at Cruise Fashion

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind these myself…ladies, get your men to buy them and then borrow them yourself!

What are your designer wishes this week? Ladies stealing bloke’s clothes..yes or no?


11 comments for “Daisy Chain Dreaming: Cruise Fashion

  1. Definitely yes to mens’ clothes! Nothing quite like a huge snuggly jumper.
    I bought myself a lumberjack-type shirt from Primark mens’ department because all the ladies’ ones I could find had glittery bits and snaps and thin material!

  2. Great wishlist Laura! Love the shoes, they look stunning.

    Have a great week!


  3. Deinitely agree- I own quite a few guys jumpers haha, they’re such a better fit as they’re bigger! My ex-boyfriend ended up with a lot less jumpers in the end haha! xx

  4. Louise W

    I’ve just stolen my husband’s jeans! (too short for him and nice and high on the waist for me)

  5. Oh heck yes on stealing my guy’s clothes!

  6. I used to nick my brothers clothes all the time, for some reason hubby is more picky … not sure what his problem is??!! 😉

  7. Oh those boots. Stuff of day dreams.

  8. funny how those wish lists keep growing… 😉

  9. Oh yes! Love the McQueen but I’d definitely get the most wear out of the jumpers. They’re lovely. X

  10. Anonymous

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