pandora’s box

My Birthday gift from Best.Friend. was a gift card for Pandora…we’d talked about getting a friendship bracelet for some time, and decided that if we were going to do it, we’d damn well do it properly (and might I just add, this girl is worth her weight in gold several times over). We’d initially decided to save up once I’d quit smoking (more on that some other time) but with the passing of my Nan we decided to jump the gun and get them sooner, with a charm in her memory (my grandparents long ago “adopted” her as their own).

And that is how we found ourselves, still grieving and intolerant of simple things like crowds of people at the Mall at Cribbs Causeway yesterday choosing our bracelets. We bypassed the traditional silver and opted for the leather bracelets; pink for me, purple for her (these were more budget friendly at £40 each and more us) along with the “Best Friends” scroll charm and the little silver owl, as for unknown reasons, my Nan was obsessed with those beautiful birds.
I’m glad to have something so special, to celebrate the friend who has stuck by me when many others would have walked away, and to commemorate my Nan, a woman who loved and was loved, and forever will be.

I dragged myself out of my jeans and jumper combo and in to a River Island dress, teal tights and Jeffrey Campbell boots; c/o Sarenza.

And of course, Mae had to sneak in to this post, just as she sneaks in anywhere. The pose exhibited here? Well, that either means she wants tummy rubs, or is about to launch an attack on your feet depending on her mood.

Happy Sunday,
how’s the long weekend going?


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  1. Anonymous

    do u still liv with ur parents??

  2. Hi Laura,
    Just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I absolutely adore your fashion. In a creepy pathetic yet totally true way you’ve helped me find some styles that would suit me & new ways to wear clothes [especially coloured tights! I am now obsessed, and have enough scarves to wrap my family up in]. Finally got out of the jeans & tshirts =)

    I’m very sorry to hear about the passing of your nan, I hope you and your family are coping ok. Awesome friendship bracelet too.

    x another Laura

  3. Lucy

    Gorgeous bracelet and what a lovely idea 🙂
    I am borderline owl obsessed too, we live on the edge of 500 odd acres of woodland and they often keep me awake at night!

    Big hugs

    Lucy xx

  4. That bracelet is so lovely.
    I do love your super blue look

  5. The bracelet is beautiful, I love the pink band.

    Friends that stick by you are amazing, it’s great to have someone you can really trust and rely on.

    Loving all the blue!


  6. Lovely outfit and what a nice way to remember your nan, I love the leather pandora bracelets! X

  7. Aw, this is so cute 🙂 I think this entire matching bracelet thing is lovely, and as always, Mae is so gorgeously sweet x

  8. Aww, such a lovely gift. I like your dress too xx

  9. this is such a lovely post. i hope you’re okay my love, the bracelets are a brilliant idea.. can’t think of a better time for you to buy them either. perfect 🙂 xxx

  10. Awww, I hope you’re okay, it’s good to have such loving friends around you xxx


  11. Anonymous

    what a kind friend you are truly blessed and love your style and fashion sense you always look good in whatever you wear. #please dont be offended by my honesty but you appear to be losing weight again i do hope you are getting help if you are you are to precious to so many of us! xxx

  12. love the teal with your hair color! i am quite smitten with all things by JC! i went on a mad madewell shopping spree yesterday and my haul includes white lace shorts, navy chevron cardi and a red confetti tee. i look like the national flag but i dont care ;p

  13. I love the blue dress and tights, they work well together. Your bracelet is perfect xxx

  14. earrings from shoperuche..
    join it if you like them.. 🙂

  15. This bracelet’s beautiful! It’s such a lovely thing to have something with so much meaning as well. Hope you’re doing all right! xxx

  16. Such a lovely idea, I’m sure your gran would have loved it.

    X x

  17. That’s such a great way to celebrate your nan’s life and your friendship and you can add to it as the years go by. xx

  18. Such a cute way to celebrate both your friendship and your nan! I actually think I prefer the leather bracelets they are lovely

  19. What a wonderful idea. I hope you fill it with charms that make you smile and remind you how lovely you are x

  20. I love that dress! I`m a bit obsessed with River Island to be honest) And your blog header is so so lovely!


  21. beautiful braclet and an even more beautiful story to it 🙂 love your river island dress!



  22. i’m glad you have such a wonderful friend. The bracelet is pretty.
    Your cat is so beautiful.

    Jess x

  23. I do love those boots they are lovely. xx

  24. This is a lovely idea and a nice way to remember your nan and continue to add on other pieces of your life as the years go by.

  25. That sounds like a lovely thing to do for/with each other!

  26. this outfit is rad, sorry about your loss, it is great to have close friends

  27. That is the sweetest thing! So thoughtful! x

  28. Like the pink pandora, super cute
    Kate x

  29. Anonymous

    hi Laura, maybe each year you couldadd a charm or request one from friend/family in rememberance of your nan? then when you run out of space buy yourself a gift instead as thats just what your nan would see you happy and smiling 🙂 love you pretty girl xxx

  30. Love the shades of blue, and happy belated birthday!

  31. Such a beautiful bracelet and what a brilliant idea – sometimes having something symbolic like that can mean the world.
    <3 Holz oxo

  32. Oh that’s nice, a sweet idea that you can share that. I like your choice. I have a Pandora bracelet which I was bought as a present- it was a nice idea, I liked just having one or two charms. I think they are a bit of a rip of if you have to keep buying the charms though!

  33. Its so lovely and beautiful bracelet. Its look is too cool, pretty and attractive to any one. You have done amazing work.

  34. Bracelet is my favourite jewellery. You share such nice and beautiful bracelets with us. Its look too simple and pretty.