pencil me in

This is what I wear to work when I’m doing admin all day and therefore remain hidden behind the scenes! I’m always wary of pencil skirts, but this jersey number from NEXT isn’t quite as straight up and down, and the front detail makes it a little more flattering. This was £22 and came in a gorgeous PINK too (which my Mum bought and I will steal). Bonus points…it’s stretchy enough to be able to walk in without looking constricted, too!

Worn with Miss Selfridge jumper and Jeffrey Campbell boots c/o Sarenza* who still have their crazy epic sale going on (these boots are £49 at the moment and worth every single penny)

Feeling the hair frustration in this cold damp weather,
I’m wondering if, or how I’ll ever get my dream hair, which looks a little something like

I need a personal hairdresser, fact!

Your views on pencil skirts?
What does your dream hair look like?


P.S. Hang in there, almost the weekend!

29 comments for “pencil me in

  1. I want a personal hairdresser as well how good would that be to never have a bad hair day ever again.

  2. ooo I love that jumper! I like the loose curls or messy hair but mine never looks right! x

  3. I think my hips are way too wide for pencil skirts…but to be honest I’d need to try one to really evaluate that. The other thing is that is hard to walk in them as you said, unless they are strechy enough. Not being able to walk prperly makes me very angry very fast looool

    But you look great in that one! Makes me want to give it a go myself.

    My hair is long and wavy which makes it very forgiving…or I like to think so 😉

  4. I love that jumper and totally with you on the personal hairdresser xxx

  5. You always look so fantastic m’dear.

    I love the idea of pencil skirts & adore them on others (yourself included) but I am unfortunately arse heavy so I am a bit wary of being this butt on legs.

    My dream hair? Hmmm . . . does it sound awful if I say Ivy from 90210, Tash who used to be in Home & Away, basically a better version of my hair in the summer. Generally at times I’m quite lucky with my hair (today is not one such time)

    Happy Thursday beauty xxx

  6. love the smart skirt and cosy jumper combination. I’m really tempted by those boots!

  7. The Jeffrey Campbell boots are gorgeous! And what a bargain, are they still on sale?

    I love the sweater but I think the pencil skirt would be a little formal for my office (it’s a creative agency). I’d probs wear it with tailored shorts instead!

    Dream hair is dessert hair…all chocolatey waves. 🙂 I’d love to be blonde but I’d never be able to pull it off!

    Emily x

  8. I’ve always been weary of pencil skirts as well, I think it looks great on you, but on me I think it would make me look shorter!

  9. Love the bunny jumper and the pencil skirt really suits you! xxx

  10. I love that jumper more and more each time I see it!

  11. Your jumper is sooo cute! Love it 🙂


  12. I really love this outfit. Looks amazing but also cosy and comfy. I am a big fan of pencil skirts. Because I am quite short, they seem to suit me better than flared ones.

  13. Lovely outfit, particularly the skirt! I’m definitely in to teaming jumpers with skirts at the minute, definitely a good way to keep yourself warm and comfortable. Insanely cold at the minute isn’t it!

    I actually think (oh gosh I’m going to sound ridiculous here) that my dream hair is just mine.. but a bit darker and longer haha! I do love my hair, it’s one of the things I feel most comfortable and confident with. 🙂 xxx

  14. Love the bunny jumper. I’m not sure pencil skirts suit me but love it on you x

  15. I think that pencil skirts add an air of sophistication whilst still oozing a certain sexyness. You look fab in your jumper/skirt combo.

    Oh if only I had a personal stylist, just imagine, no more bad hair days! Heaven!

    X x

  16. That jumper is sooo quite!! I love the skirt, the drapey ftont is lush x

  17. My hair seems to be having constant bad days too, whatever it is I’m doing to it, it doesn’t like it!

  18. I love the skirt! I must go and purchase! Love the jumper too but I couldn’t get away with it

  19. This is exactly how I would love my hair to look! I don’t think I look great in pencil skirts but I’d love to be able to pull them off like you have!

    Emma xx

  20. Love the bunny on the front of the Miss Selfridge jumper! My dream hair would be like some of the hairstyles @LyndsyMFonseca has in some of the episodes of the current television series “Nikita” when she’s all dressed up. I doubt that she has her hair done like that when she’s not on the show. As for pencil skirts, I’ve never worn one myself though I think they’re pretty common in the business world.

  21. Definitely need to invest in a personal hairdresser, would be so useful! xx

  22. I love your jumper! You look lovely x

  23. I love your jumper so much! thank you for the sweet comment x

  24. You’re looking lovely! And your jumper is amaaaazing!!


  25. I love this jumper it’s so pretty!


  26. Gah, I’m so jealous of your legs every time I visit your blog! You’re like a model! xx

    Oh yes, that sweater is adorable too! x

  27. Oooh loving that skirt, very nice. My views on pencil skirts…. um, this might be a bit controversial, but I like them for when I need to get what I want… they show my ahem… assets rather well, and particularly if they’re very fitted, combine with a simple white shirt or 3/4 sleeve basic jersey top and whichever heels I deem high enough but that I can walk in. Cliched? Yes, effective, usually.

  28. that is my kinda outfit! love!

  29. I love that skirt! Such a fun and interesting shape.