Phase Eight; Collection 8

Taking opulence to brilliant new extremes, Phase Eight have just launched Collection 8; a range of limited edition dresses designed to add sparkle and shine this party season.

Costing from £250 and available now the collection includes lashings of lace, luxury fabrics and more than a smattering of sequins.

You can see the collection on Phase Eight’s website (here to be exact)
Pictured above are my favourite dresses (from top-bottom): Paloma, Cinderella, Colette and Grecian Embellished. You may recognise Cindarella from my last Phase Eight blog post.

Which dress has your heart racing? I’d sell my left kidney for any of these!

6 comments for “Phase Eight; Collection 8

  1. Oh Em Gee! I love, love, love these dresses! Literally just so beautiful! I really like the Cinderella and Grecian ones. If only I had an event to go to… xo

  2. Anonymous

    That 2nd dress is everything!!


  3. They are all amazing, although I think I’d prefer the Cinderella if the underskirt was floor length too. If you twisted my arm for a favourite it would have to say the first one, there is something about floor sweeping red that really piques my interest.

  4. :O :O These dresses are ammmaazzzinngg! Oh my god my heart skipped a beat at the second one.

    Love Holz oxo

  5. Wow, the Cinderella dress is incredibly beautiful!! I like the Grecian Embellished too 🙂 x