prints charming

Dress: Vero Moda @ Asos
Tights: New Look
Shoes: c/o Ellos
For some reason I never remember this dress. It was an impulse buy bought super cheap in the sale when I was really too small to carry it off. I like how it fits now, it gives me a waist and the colours are fun. It’s not my usual style, not really, but it works and served a purpose for work the other day when inspiration was running dry.
I’m having my usual between seasons “I hate my wardrobe” moment. I lack basics (despite my vows to buy some) and I’ve got rid of so many clothes since moving on with my life that things look a little lacking.
This calls for some serious shopping,
but that tends to involve some serious cash…I don’t know how other bloggers do it…work full time I guess,
which I’d love to do but it just isn’t an option at this moment in time. Oddly, I seem to have a problem with spending money on myself, unless it’s in my paypal account I’m reluctant. This could be viewed as a good thing but it frustrates the hell out of me at times. Anyone else like this? It always seems safer to save and store it away for another day.
Funny how the mind works eh? What are some of your quirks?
TGIF? So ready for the weekend although this week has been “blink and you miss it” fast. Ten hours at work and I’m free for two whole days. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow evening and seeing The Full Monty stage production with my girl friends, colleagues went Monday night and said it was fantastic.

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  1. Your Vera Moda dress from Asos is lovely. I like the colours of the print on it and the tights you paired it with. I have no idea how you manage so many outfit posts or how other bloggers manage to buy or acquire all the outfits for their OOTDs. I generally only average one per month. I finally did a new post this month just a few hours ago titled: Outfit Post and Review: Hanes Her Way Women’s Nylon Brief Panties and I suspect some of my quirks are self-evident in it. Another recent quirk I’ve developed is, since I post the videos on YouTube, trying to have the outfits that will appear next to each other both contrast and coordinate. If I posted more often the blouses I wear in these outfit posts/lingerie reviews would be quite costly. When I come across high waisted knickers in a colour I like, however, my willpower seems to vanish. I don’t know how some of the other bloggers manage the cost even with some of the pieces being bargains, marked way down and on sale. I strongly suspect that if you run across some beautiful couture with a really pretty daisy print in Spring colours you won’t be able to resist. I can’t wait for the weekend either. Have a fun time with your girlfriends enjoying “The Full Monty” stage production!

  2. Ooh Laura this outfit looks great on you! I love the colours and the neckline/fit of the dress. Very much looking forward to the weekend, too – only a few hours to go! x

  3. this dress looks fab on you, love that interesting print! I’m having hateful feelings towards my wardrobe too, hate in between season time! one day I’m too hot, then too cold, grr. xx

  4. I love this dress. You look fantastics as always. But the title of your post MADE MY DAY. I love a good pun 🙂

  5. wow I truly love your shoes, they’re so pretty!!

    Drawing Dreaming

  6. Vix

    That dress is lovely and the print rocks! I never get bored of my wardrobe, just overwhelmed by it’s madness! x

  7. You look fab, love how unique this dress is! I buy a lot but I never let my money go under a certain amount, I’m so paranoid about it haha! Hope you have a great time at the theatre xxx

  8. I am like that about work clothes. Then today I realised my skirt was 10 years old and my work wear needs a major overhaul, but then i am saving for a house… ARGH PENNIES

  9. I’m going to have to trawl through all your old posts to find inspiration on “frocks” …. I don’t own one (I am SUCH a trouser girl) and little man is having a thing on at school next Friday and dresses are required -YEIKS!

  10. I love the dress 🙂 I hope you have a fab weekend and enjoy the show xx

  11. That dress is perfection! So pretty and colourful. I really need to overhaul my wardrobe too. I always end up wearing the same things because nothing I have matches anything else. I could also do with some trousers for days when skirts are impractical. Time to stop buying makeup and start buying clothes! Have a lovely weekend 🙂 xo

  12. Lovely dress.
    I tend to say I’m not going to buy anything but still do. I have a bulging wardrobe and so many things that don’t get worn very often, despite that fact that I love them. It irritates me. I’d love to save more instead of spend – not that I spend much, thanks to second hand shopping and eBay, but its beginning to feel like needless spending. I need some good basics and then I just. need. to. stop.

  13. You look amazing! I love these colours on you 🙂

    Maria xxx

  14. I love your styling with this dress, the popping blue looks great with it!



  15. Mat

    enjoying the ikat type print on this. thanks for the congrats btw!

  16. I love the colours of that dress with your hair, your hair colour is such a dream, love the length too!

    E x

  17. Just lovely! =)
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