Another “catch up” outfit, this is what I wore yesterday. Floral shorts from Clothing at Tesco and white long sleeve from New Look
(oh, and *those* shoes again).




Roll on spring and being able to wear these shorts more!

Those that follow me on Twitter or Facebook will know that I suddenly decided I simply MUST own an old school Polly Pocket. After some failed bids on ebay, I struck gold and today this arrived to the dismay of my father who simply exclaimed “oh, I see your regressing”.
I don’t care, LOVE.



I was then informed we might have some of my old collection up in the loft. SCORE!


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  1. Love the shorts on you and the boots are gorge and are perfect with the shorts. Awwww Polly Pocket hours of fun xoxo

  2. I remember Polly Pocket! Those were amazing! I am now going to search my old toys in hopes to find some of mine!

    I love your outfit. I love the sheer top look, where you can see the bra underneath it, but it isn’t too shear as to wear you are over exposed! It goes lovely with the tights as well!

  3. my word – *those* shoes are incredible.

    I’ve probably said this before and forgotten about them [what sacrilige!] but they deserve being loved all over again.

    Looking beautiful m’dear πŸ™‚


  4. :O those shorts are from tesco! haha i thought they were from topshop πŸ™‚

    hope you’ll visit/follow

  5. Tesco do some fab items don’t they! πŸ™‚ oh Polly Pockets, they were fantastic!

  6. Hehe, I was far more of a Sylvanian Families girl but I did have the horse riding Polly Pocket. Much fun!

  7. oh my i used to LOVE polly pockets
    thanks for the blast to the past !

  8. πŸ™ I never had Polly Pocket – one of those toys I wasn’t allowed because the small bits would get hoovered up. Hungry Hippos was too noisy. Mr Frosty wasn’t worth the money… I was a disadvantaged child!

  9. D.

    Aww, Polly Pocket <3

  10. Looking fab! Adore the shorts and shoes.

    As for polly pocket my eldest loved them, infact at the age of 23 she still has them! She was truly dismayed when they began to be made bigger and refused to allow her younger sister to have the new version!

    X x x

  11. Wow at the shorts they are gorgeous! Love the outfit x

  12. i Really like your shorts! and I so remember polly pockets!! but I was more of a Barbie girl… I do still remember my space hopper, they’re supposed to be coming back into fashion!! (yay)! xx

  13. Great outfit – I’ve definitely commented on those lovely shorts before, so won’t repeat myself!

    Score on the Polly Pocket purchase! I distinctly remember donating my entire collection to my Mum’s friends little girl quite a few years ago – gutted!
    Although.. I wonder if she still has them? She’s 17 now, so they’re probably not quite as cool as when she was 6 & I gave them to her.. hmm, wonder if I can nab them back!?

  14. i love the slub white tee!!! and polly pockets are awesome!! my sister had like 20 of them, think they are somewhere in your attic!! πŸ™‚ x

  15. Nice outfit! I never had a Polly Pocket – I’m jealous!

  16. Amaaazing! All of my old Polly Pocket collection are in the loft at home. I used to absolutely love it! I loved all the little secret compartments etc.
    Yesterday’s outfit was lovely. You rock a coloured tight so well. xx

  17. Ahhh I had a couple of Polly Pockets too, a pink one and a pale green one.
    Love your shorts πŸ™‚ roll on spring indeed xx

  18. Yay for the Polly Pocket. I think I had a similar one in green.

    Those shorts are so very spring.
    Spring cannot come soon enough.


  19. That is the same as the one I had .. I don’t think I have mine any more! πŸ™ I do however feel i need those shorts, they are fab.

  20. Fab outfit. The shorts are lovely.

    Saw your PP chat on FB so glad you got one. I remember having a polly pocket bath set where you clipped her housey on to the bath and it had a slide on it!


  21. I really like those floral shorts and the shoes of course. It is so cool how you bought a polly pocket and re found your love for her. I wonder if my parents still have mine in their house.

  22. Polly Pocket! I used to have so many when I was little. I love the outfit, great with tights then bare legs when its warm! xo

  23. Cute shorts and I love those boots xx

  24. Oh my i completly forgot about Polly Pocket, untill i saw this post,Ha!

    Love your Tee, i love teeshirts like that, sort of tri-blend cotton, they are always so slouchy and cozy!

  25. polly pockets!!!! omg. i have so mannny of those!!! haha <3

    love, polly πŸ™‚

  26. Love those shorts Laura.
    I had that very Polly Pocket when i was little. They were fab x

  27. “oh, I see your regressing” Hahaha! Loving the PP – and your shorts!

  28. hehe I used to have Polly Pockets to and there is nothing wrong with regressing I swear I’m going through my second childhood to watching all the cartoons and playing with all the toys I had when I was a kid LOL xoxo

  29. Lol at your P.Pocket – that is so cute!! love yr outfit…yr waist is teeny tiny ƸӜƷ MLMBeautiful ƸӜƷ xxx

  30. Aww, PP! We must have about 15 of these in our attic. I had a princess one with a castle and actual light up stars… Good times! x

  31. aw! i ALWAYS want a polly pocket when I was little but I never ended up getting one!

  32. Oh my gosh! I had that EXACT ONE!! Love that you bought it, I now really want to own one! I hate the new style ones, they’re not a choking hazard of anything, where’s the risk??

  33. Ahh, I used to love Polly Pocket. I think I still have some of mine! If I find some, I’ll shoot you an email to see if you want them.

    And your shorts look great!! I need summer to come back.

  34. I had that one! Gosh I have no idea where all of my Polly Pockets went but they were awesome!

  35. Jen

    I was OBSESSED with Polly Pocket! This is so cute and brings back tons of memories. x

  36. oh. my. god.


  37. Love those cute shorts. I never have much luck with Tesco clothing. As for Polly Pocket, I had one, loved it but there’s nothing to do after the initial fun has worn off.

  38. This brings back so many memories! I loveeeed Polly Pocket! xx

  39. I’m a huge Polly Pocket fan. I often buy them from ebay for girlfriends’ birthdays and it always takes them down memory lane.

  40. love the outfit!! and this polly pocket brings back some crazy old memories.. thanks!

  41. This has cheered me up so much, I love old school Polly Pocket! They are the best. I still have all mine up in the loft and to this day will never part with them xx

  42. Oh my gosh gosh gosh, Polly Pocket! And can I just say, you encouraged me to buy my latest Burt’s Bees, you good influence you! x

  43. oh i love polly pockets, i have a winnie the pooh one which i can’t quite bring myself to sell..
    and i love this outfit! πŸ™‚

  44. OMG I had that Polly Pocket. God, I wish I knew where it was!


  45. i adore your new look top, the quality of the fabric looks great. i love how it is slightly sheer and looks somewhat worn. i may have to pop down to my local store to see if they have any other colours! xx

  46. I LOVED Polly Pocket! I had the money box one! I actually bought a Dr Who Dalek Polly Pocket when I was ahem- 17, just because I loved them!!!! Hmmm, must ask my dad where my money box is…

  47. Lil

    I have a whole stash of Polly Pockets up in my loft. I will NEVER get rid of them. Love the shorts! X