resistance is futile

I may not exactly be looking forward to Christmas this year, but a week off work and plans for gift shopping with Mum and Best Friend on Tuesday left me craving a festive knit. I spent a hideous amount on this jumper from topshop last year and I am determined to bring it’s cost per wear down to a more reasonable level (that’s my excuse!). Teamed with a trusty skater skirt, again from New Look‘s tall section and my favourite Steve Madden flats c/o Sarenza I couldn’t help but be cheerful. These shoes are not one to wear if you plan on being subtle, I got stopped twice by strangers wanting to compliment them (and the jumper also got it’s fair share of attention too).

And it would seem that this week off has been exactly what was needed. It’s coming to an end now- rounding off with another shopping trip with Mum (we love our girls time and the crowds don’t seem quite so menancing when I can gently prod people out of my way), and tomorrow a trip to the theater with school friends and I feel rested, calmer and quite a lot happier and at peace with decisions I have made. I didn’t realise quite how stressed out I was getting until I actually stopped; I think an indulgently chilled out weekend is required ready for the madness that will be a GP practice in the two weeks before Christmas.

Have you broken out your festive knit yet? It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


17 comments for “resistance is futile

  1. I think my festive knit has to come out asap! Love those shoes x

  2. Ooh I always smile when you wear this jumper, I remember you buying it and the high price tag and I also seem to remember me being one of the ones saying go for it, BUY IT NOW lol. It was money well spent though as it is sooo cute. Not sure how you manage to carry off a skater style skirt with a lose jumper, it may be your lovely elegant height? I am 5’3″ with a really oddly short torso so when I try this the jumper falls really low on the skirt and creates a ‘no waist’ effect making me a ‘Christmas Tree shape’ festive? Yes. Flattering? No, lol. You look spot on though.

    Glad you took some time out to rest, you really needed it hun. You sound a lot brighter in your blog post today than you did a week ago (you never sounded down but you did sound very busy and overworked, as you just said) Enjoy today, keep warm xxxx

  3. aghghsg spelling error!! I meant to say loose jumper not lose, the shame, sorry!

  4. Love the shoes! I have a similar pair from Matalan with pink soles, I’m so in love with them!

  5. Oh this jumper is lovely. Am getting all up in the festive gear x

  6. i LOVE this whole jolly ensemble from tip toe! i need me some festive jumpers and those shoes are just amazing! so glad you feel rested and more centred. a week off can do you the world of good! xx

  7. Aww its such a cute jumper! I really need to get some festive jumpers! Hope you have fun Christmas shopping xx

  8. What a cute jumper, I’m a big lover of Christmas jumpers so can’t wait to get mine out for all the festive outings.

  9. My festive knit comes in the form of sequins and will be making an appearance this weekend :O)
    Glad you feel calm and rested after a week off, it’s often the way that we soldier on oblivious to how stressed we are and it’s not until we stop that it hits us.
    Your festive jumper is wonderful!

  10. YES…. just…. YES….

    i love christmas, its the perfect opportunity to wear brilliantly over the top jumpers. i was wearing one today and i felt GREAT! (altho also a little like a grandad, but thats fine by me… bring me my slippers and pipe!!! :p)

  11. Love it! Very cute!

  12. The best thing about Christmas is the time off work!

  13. Love love love the jumper!! xx

  14. Amazing jumper! I’m going out for festive drinks next Friday so I’m on the lookout for a festive jumper to wear : )

  15. Love your jumper. I’m wearing my cat in Santa hat one at the mo. xx

  16. I so want a festive knit! Totally essential over Christmas xxx

  17. I love that jumper! So fun!