return of the tights

A couple of years ago tights were “my thing” and I always had a new and fabulous pair to share. Lately my collection has gone a little unloved (I still have around 100 pairs) due to a halt in my confidence and lack of motivation. An anonymous comment the other day mourning the lack of tights (sarcasm?) made me have a root through my drawer and I dug out these beauts which best friend bought me in Matalan last year. Paired with a realllly old Primark jumper dress this was what I wore for a lazy Sunday spent mainly feeling sorry for myself + coffee with my delightful Ellie friend. Shoe wise I went for those Blink boots from Sarenza that are starting to look a little worse for wear after my awkward attempts at walking, thankfully they are one of those styles that can stand being a bit beaten up. I cannot wait to wear proper, pretty shoes again, I have two brand new pairs waiting to be worn!

After yesterday’s post involving tights a lovely twitter follower pointed out these wonderful penguin ones which promptly became a 7am purchase before work,

I think the tights fiend is back! What are the best pair you’ve seen lately? Do you have a “thing?”

Off for my 7:15am start at work now, happy mid-week!


14 comments for “return of the tights

  1. Such great tights! My confidence for brightly coloured tights has left the building, gutting x

  2. Love a nice jumper dress and tights! that look really suits you:)

  3. Gotta love statement tights! 100 pairs? Wowza, you better start wearing them again to get your money’s worth! 😉 I’m a recovering denimaholic.

    The Style Rawr!

  4. Loveeee these tights! I feel they are a little Christmassy!

  5. Wow those boots are great! So rock’n’roll, very cool!
    Daisy Dayz

  6. The tights! They’re amazing and so festive! Can’t beat a good pair of tights, glad to see you wearing them again x

  7. Loving the nordic tights! x

  8. Your hair colour is so amazing! Wish I could pull off red


  9. I LOVE the penguin tights, they are so adorable! Can’t wait to see how you wear them 🙂

  10. LOVE the tights on you! and that knit dress is gorgeous too. You look fab xxx
    Xo Amie

  11. I love this outfit. I am definitely a big fan of both patterned and coloured tights.

  12. You look so stylish as always, Laura.

    I love those tights, they are so festive (like someone else has mentioned). I used to love patterned tights but now my legs are a lot fatter since having my daughter they don’t look half as good (like they do on your legs!)

    However.. I have a soft spot for suspender tights! I have 4 pairs so far! Great for a night out to add a little sexiness to my outfit (it’s needed these days as I tend to keep all covered up post baby!)

    Amy x

  13. YES to those tights and yes to that jumper! More tights please! X

  14. I love those tights, they are stunning.I love patterned tights with long flowy top.