Sarenza A-Z: Emma Go

Nothing like some shoes to get a Monday off to a good start, and letter E in my Sarenza A-Z is hot brand Emma Go, who’ve I seen numerous bloggers swoon over.

1. Stella: These have been on my wishlist since I first became aware of Sarenza; every month I umm and aah over them and decide against them, wondering what on earth I’d wear them with. I might take the plunge yet…opinions?

2. Betty. I don’t spend a lot on flats, and they never last me. At £115 these are a leap to the other extreme of the price range for me, but they are just so pretty I couldn’t help but feature them!

3. Millea. Ditto the above really, although these are a little cheaper. Not traditionally colours I gravitate toward but with spring’s trend for all things pastel these just seem to fit the bill for what I fancy.

4. Peggy. This week’s marmite pick…I should probably hate these, and I am slightly ashamed for loving them as much as I do…what do we think?

How do Emma Go sizes run? That’s a total deal breaker for me if I’m going to invest in flats. What pair would you pick if money were no object?


13 comments for “Sarenza A-Z: Emma Go

  1. The flats with the heart are lovely but I could never eve justify spending that amount of money on them!

    X x

  2. J’adore les toutes premières…
    gros bisous

  3. oh! so lovelly!
    want them all!!!

  4. I’d pick the leopard beauties! Impractical yes, but too good of shoe to dismiss! xxx

  5. I like the leopard: like the style, and as much as I keep thinking I’m done with leopard, I met my friend estelle recently for crepes with sweet chestnut puree (heaven!) and she was wearing leopard ballet flats: great look.

    Didn’t know this brand, I’ll look them up.

    You’ve popped into my head a few times recently, hope all is well. Sending you a hug. xox

  6. i love the leopard booties! i have too many leopard print things. LOL jk, that’s impossible.

    lots of love, xx

  7. Betty and Millea are gorgeous – I stick with cheapy ballet pumps though cause I always ruin them! But if I had some money, these would definitely be on my wish list! 🙂 xx

  8. Adrienne

    I love the first 2 pairs, especially the leopard print. My favorite print! I just saw a pair like those heart flats on sale, and I just might have to go back and get them.

  9. The first pair of shoes are amazing!!

  10. Defo the first, I love the leopard print!

  11. Oooh those gold flats are so lovely!