Sarenza A-Z: K is for Kenzo

Finally after a loss of mojo and a few technological hiccups I’m back with my alphabet tour of Sarenza. Somehow we’ve made it to the letter K; and for this I’m focusing on an “in my dreams only” brand…Kenzo.

I do try and make the items I feature on my blog afforable, but sometimes heart rules over head and I cast my principals aside. At over £150 a pair these aren’t the most expensive of shoes out there, but they aren’t exactly every day affordable either; I think you’ll forgive me when you see how damn pretty they are though *nods*

SEE? I introduce you to Antonella Cuir, Zen, Risy Melisse and Femminile

…if you want me, I’ll be drooling by my laptop.


15 comments for “Sarenza A-Z: K is for Kenzo

  1. I love every pair that you’ve chosen and would happily wear them this summer. The flat sandals are probably my favourite though.


    Nicki x

  2. gorgeous, i’ll have one of each please 😀 ox

  3. Mmm shoe porn!

  4. Those sandals are stunning 🙂 looking for some cute ones for summer! X x x

  5. Kenzo’s prints are always beautiful, but I didn’t realise they did shoes too…they are gorgeous!

  6. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog! 😀
    These shoes certainly are drool-worthy, I love the ones in the last picture – just gorgeous.
    Best wishes.
    R xx

  7. All these shoes look gorgeous, I really love the second pair. Perfect summer shoes!

    Gillian x

  8. They all all supper summer shoes, but I especially adore the third pair.

    X x

  9. They look like perfect summer shoes 🙂 I really like the bright turquoise ones!

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  10. nice blog
    dear!!!follow u!!!i’ve a new post on my blog…i hope to have your opinion…kisses

  11. wow! those shoes is all lovely and beautiful!

  12. The first ones are my favourite!! So cute and a lovely colour! xx

  13. Gorgeous shoes as always! xxx

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