Sarenza Shoe of the Week

If anyone was going to create a truly badass flat sandal, you might have known it’d be Jeffrey Campbell…scared of the towering heels of his usual designs? Then the Puffer sandal is for you! It might not be cheap at almost £100, but think of the dignity you will save by not going arse over tit when trying to walk!

I think this’ll be a marmite shoe, some of you will love it, and some will hate it. For me personally…and for inexplicable reasons, I love it!


6 comments for “Sarenza Shoe of the Week

  1. Those badass sandals are awesome 🙂

  2. Those are so cool! Definitely the most amazing pair of sandals I’ve (possibly) ever seen!

  3. Those are so funny! Love.

  4. For gods sake Laura, you actually have me contemplating buying these shoes I love them so much! I blame you if i spend all my money on them!! hehe

  5. unique + dangerous 😀
    anyhow Nice!!
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  6. Oh wow, they are fantastic!!